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Miguel Cotto Q&A: “I feel myself with a lot less pressure”

18 years of training under the guidance of his uncle Evangelista Cotto is over now. It’s a new beginning, the

18 years of training under the guidance of his uncle Evangelista Cotto is over now. It’s a new beginning, the opening of a new chapter in the career of 28-year-old WBO Welterweight champion Miguel Angel Cotto who will clash with IBF champ Joshua Clottey at Madison Square Garden on June 13.

Miguel Cotto came to New York yesterday to chat with the media and, as usual, he was very thoughtful with his choice of words, perfectly polite to his future rival, and admittedly a bit uncertain about whether he will conquer Clottey.

Here is what the Puerto Rican icon had to say about axing Evangelista, why he wants to train in Tampa rather than on the island, the identity of his new trainer, and much, much more:

“I’m looking forward to training hard for this fight. I don’t know what will happen this time.”

“We started like a week and a half ago in Puerto Rico, we move now to Tampa.”

New trainer? “I have Joe Santiago, the guy who make my runs and weight working in the beginning (of camps). He work the last two or three fights. Joe Santiago will be the trainer for now.”

“I don’t want to talk about what happened (with uncle Evangelista). It’s a family matter. I prefer to keep the things in family like always. And Joe is part of family. I’m pretty comfortable with him.”

Have any big name trainers contacted you about wanting to train you know? “To train me – not to send somebody to give me the things (instructions). If things are good for me and the trainer I spend all of the one and a half, two hours with me in the gym and pay attention to if I’m right or wrong. That’s the reason I prefer to move on.”

“That was the biggest problem (with uncle) because I decided to move out of Puerto Rico (to train in FL).”

“I have enough personal mind to keep away the problem that happened with my trainer and go ahead and continue my career.”

Why do you wish to train in FL over Puerto Rico? “We depart yesterday from Puerto Rico, from here we’re moving to Tampa. (Why?) Because I don’t want any distraction. I don’t want anything familiar close from my work.”

“I have nine weeks, eight and a half weeks to prepare myself to beat him.”

“I see the tapes, but in the eight weeks I have to play them, I’m going to see the beauty of Clottey.”

“Keep in mind (Margarito) had a good night against me in Vegas.”

“I don’t want to think about (avenging loss to Margarito) because it’s not my problem.”

“I’m here to face the big names, the great fighters in our division. I know Clottey’s one of them.”

“You could possibly see me switch (stances), I’m going to do whatever it takes to win the fight.”

“I felt myself with a lot less pressure and I hope this pressure loss in myself is going to bring me the opportunity to train better.”

Where is the pressure based from? “The bad relationship with my coach.”

“I feel a lot of support here (in NYC). And I convert this support (to) good energy for me, my career.”

As you enter a new phase, a new chapter in your career, what is your inspiration? “The same, my family. I’m head of my family and I have to bring good things to them.”

“I have a year and half, two years as future in boxing.”

“What I talk about is my next fight with Clottey. I don’t know what can happen after that.”

“We always had a good relationship (with Top Rank). To take this 100% step by step. The first step was Jennings and the second one is going to be Clottey. We have to wait until the contract finish and then we can sit with Top Rank and negotiate again.”

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