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Media Interview with Shawn Estrada

Posted on 03/18/2009

Inside the Mind of Shawn Estrada

Question: On March 27 at Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE in Downtown, Los Angeles, you will be in the ring with a fighter who has double your professional experience in the ring and just as many KOs. Do these stats make you change your normal game plan?

Answer: You would think that stats should intimidate me or make me switch up my plan, but it doesn’t. I am going in with the same plan, get rid of my opponent. My confidence is always up because I stay in shape, which allows me to believe I can stop anybody. Also, I know that I am skilled.

Question: I was speaking to your promoter and he said that he was thrilled with the ultimate decision you and your management team made to opt for therapy rather than surgery. To put it in his words, “Shawn Estrada became a professional outside the ring with this decision.” Does the fact that therapy is resolving the problem make you feel that indeed you grew as a pro with this decision?

Answer: Yes, I definitely grew as a professional for making that decision. I trusted my instincts and felt better that the people (my team) that surrounded me supported my decision. I feel that the instinctual decisions that I make are inherited by my father’s guidance of me throughout my childhood. I feel that I have probably avoided long term bodily problems for an instantaneous solution. The human body is an amazing thing, it heels well on its own but with the therapy, it helps speed up and improve the healing process.

Question: Have you had to change any of your training in order not to strain your shoulder and counter act your physical therapy?

Answer: The therapy helped my shoulder heal rapidly. The training is just as intense and rigorous as ever.

Question: What does a typical day of training consist of for Shawn Estrada?

Answer: A typical day in training is a way of life. I train throughout the entire day. What I mean by that is in the mornings I usually run for 45 minutes or so, in the afternoon, I will either take a bike ride and/or do weights. If I don’t do either of those you will find me in the gym training. I like to keep active.

Question: Your two wins were by way of knockout. Are you always looking to end your fights in such a spectacular fashion?

Answer: I never look for the KO. When I enter the ring I know it’s going to be a tough fight. If a KO happens, then it happens. But I do know the fans love seeing great knockouts. It’s like hitting a home run.

Question: How do you see your fight going on March 27 when the bell rings?

Answer: On March 27 I’ll look to entertain all the fans that come out to see me fight, and the ones that will be there to see the heavyweights. I am going to treat it like it is a championship fight. I look to win and if a KO comes, it comes, but I want the fans to remember Shawn Estrada.

Question: This is the first boxing event ever at Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE and it will be televised on ESPN. Do you feel any pressure to perform even at a greater height because the event is the first at Nokia and in front of your hometown fans?

Answer: I fought at Citizens Business Bank Arena on their first boxing card ever and I confess I did feel nervous on that one. Although this is the first fight card at Nokia I am not nervous on this one. I feel quite excited. Excited to fight in Los Angeles and at Nokia. It’s so close to where I am originally from it’s a good feeling.

Question: Have you seen a growing fan base since turning pro?

Answer: I have noticed a lot more friends. When people approach me they tell me that they know my accomplishments and that they’ve learned about my struggles. It feels great because we connect with each other, it’s not just them connecting with me. They believe they know me personally and it gives me a sense of pride. I want to excel and do better for me, my dad, my family and that includes my fans who are always so supportive.

Question: What would you want to say in closing?

Answer: I love to fight and I can’t wait till March 27. Nokia, ESPN in front of my hometown fans. It’s going to be memorable.

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