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Max Kellerman Interview: I know Bradley would fight King Kong

Posted on 06/28/2015

By: Francisco Martinez

HBO commentator Max Kellerman opens up to about the confusing ending Bradley vs Vargas had in front of an estimated 6,000 raging fans at the StubHub center this Saturday. Here’s a little bit of what Kellerman had to say about the whole situation and touched on a few other rumors amongst the boxing circle right after the fight.

kellerman “Do you think Bradley deserves (Floyd) Mayweather with this performance?”

Max Kellerman: “No but considering what’s on the table for Floyd and if there weren’t promotional differences and you can just put him in with anyone Bradley is more worthy then the other guys they’re talking about but the fight is hard to make”

(Floyd Mayweather Jr. has stated that Andre Berto and Karim Mayfield are the two leading candidates for the “Mayweather sweepstakes” this coming September) “How confusing was that moment the referee called the fight for you guys? You thought he was calling the fight off as a TKO or the bell rang?”

Max Kellerman: “No, Vargas did. I knew he wasn’t I could see he got confused by the 10 second warning”

(Future hall of fame Veteran referee Pat Russell called the bout to an abrupt halt just as Jessie Vargas landing a big right hand on Bradley that had him in all sorts of trouble. Pat Russell then went on to control the chaotic celebration from the Vargas camp and fans to inform all participants that he heard the 10 second warning bell and mistook it for the final bell making the premature stoppage that lead to chaos and rapid criticism amongst all in attendances) “Bradley has been calling out Golovkin. What do you think, Bradley/Golovkin?”

Max Kellerman: “I know Bradley would fight King Kong” “What about Oscar’s chances against Golovkin being that he’s 50/50 on a comeback?”

Max Kellerman: “I don’t think Oscar is serious about fighting Golovkin” “Do you think he’s making that up to put Golden Boy back in the mix?”

Max Kellerman: “I think Oscar when he was at his best fought everyone and he doesn’t like it when guys are ducking (avoiding). I think he’s trying to use himself as a carrot to get the best fights made” “Max how did you see the fight. You saw a sweep? How did you scored it?”

Max Kellerman: “No, not a sweep. But a wide margin” “How many rounds did you give Vargas?”

Max Kellerman: “I had Bradley either 117-111, or 116-112” “Do you think Vargas was out of place in this level of competition?”

Max Kellerman: “No, the first half of the fight the rounds where very close. Bradley got the initiative and he didn’t give it up so in those close rounds the guy that’s pressing and throwing more is going to win those rounds and on the second half of the fight Bradley distanced himself” “Who would you like to see Bradley fight next?”

Max Kellerman: “I know there’s a lot of options for Bradley at welterweight but unfortunately promotionally a lot of them are difficult to make”

Photo: Chris Farina/Top Rank

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