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Jesus Gonzales: “I Didn’t Say the N-Word”

Posted on 02/17/2012

By Hans Olson

Jesus Gonzales, who fights Adonis “Superman” Stevenson tomorrow night in Montreal, was put into question after a heated press conference in Montreal on Wednesday where Stevenson accused him (via social media) of using a racial slur.

Prior to that accusation, Gonzales had spoke of Stevenson’s criminal past during the press conference.

“I know his past. He likes kids and girls,” said Gonzales at the presser. “If you’re poor and rob a bank, you can be forgiven. Or even if you kill—if someone has threatened you. But when you rape and beat-up little girls…what kind of guy is that? He’s a piece of shit. You can’t forgive that. It’s an issue that bothers me. But that’s his past, not mine.”

Later on in the day, Stevenson posted the following statement on his Facebook page:

“Gonzales is a fucking racist and a fucking lier. He called me a stinking n—–. Saturday night Im gonna knock this motherfucker out.”

Friday, Boxing Insider caught up with Jesus Gonzales to get his side of the story in which he emphatically denies what Stevenson posted on Facebook.


Boxing Insider: First off, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions Jesus. Can you share your thoughts on the statement Adonis Stevenson posted accusing you of calling him the N-word?

Jesus Gonzales: “He’s a liar. The people at the press conference know it’s a desperate lie.”

Boxing Insider: So you can confirm 100% that you did not use a racial slur against Adonis?

Jesus Gonzales: “No, of course not. He was very smelly at the press conference and I said he stinks like shit. [You can] confirm I didn’t say the n-word.”

Boxing Insider: Why do you think he accused you of saying that? It’s pretty bold for him to accuse you of that…

Jesus Gonzales: “Yeah, he just has a big mouth and I got under his skin. So he went and I guess, posted the lie that I called him the n-word. Everyone that was there, knows it’s a lie.”

Boxing Insider: Was it your intention to “get under his skin” by bringing up his criminal past?

Jesus Gonzales: “No, I never brought the issue up. A journalist asked me the question and I just told him what I know. I just want to fight, I don’t get into that drama. Hopefully he’s sorry for his past. He’s a dramatic guy.”

Boxing Insider: Can you tell me about Natalie’s House and your involvement with them? I understand you’ll be wearing their logo on your ring trunks Saturday…

Jesus Gonzales: “Yes, while I was in training camp, I was contacted and asked if I would wear it on my trunks. I work with lots of charities in AZ, so it don’t hurt me to wear their logo. It looks like Adonis is taking kindness for weakness.”

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