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Jaron Ennis on Terence Crawford: “Whatever He Can do, I Can do Better”

Posted on 06/14/2020

By: Hans Themistode

When you think of the Welterweight division, you think of unified champion Errol Spence Jr, WBO belt holder Terence Crawford and WBA titlist Manny Pacquiao. Names such as Danny Garcia, Yordenis Ugas and Shawn Porter are also mentioned near the top of the division as well. 

Yet, in the case of 22 year old Jaron Ennis, he believes that he is better than them all. With 23 knockouts from his 25 career wins, Ennis has scored a permanent spot on sports shows with eye-catching knockouts. 

Of all the current champions and contenders, if the fighter nicknamed “Boots” had his pick of the litter, he’d be facing off against Crawford. Not many are clamoring at a shot against who many believe is the best fighter in the world, but Ennis on the other hand, is dying to get his hands on him.

“It’s gonna be me in there just doing my thing, because I’m fighting somebody that is sharp like me,” Ennis said. “So, it’s gonna be me out-thinking him and me putting my combinations together, doing my thing and coming out with that win. Don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely a great fighter but whatever he can do, I can do better.”

Ennis may have his eyes set on the top of the division, but he still has plenty of work to do near the bottom of it. Currently, he ranks number 12 in the WBO and number 14 in the IBF. If he continues to deliver wins at his current pace though, he could find himself standing across one of those very champions he has mentioned. 

He isn’t going to be picky, but whomever he faces, he would rather it isn’t Spence.

“I don’t feel like nobody would get the credit they deserve if they beat Errol Spence,” Ennis said. “They’ll be like, ‘You was supposed to do that because he was in that car accident.’ But I feel it would go the same way with Spence as with Crawford. I would out-think him. I’m smart, being this young. I can out-think anybody. I can out-think ‘em, out-smart ‘em, and I have tricks. I’ve got something they don’t have. When you have tricks, you can beat anybody. With Crawford and Errol Spence, I feel like I have more tricks than them, and I can out-think ‘em.”

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