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Interview with Mauricio Herrera: “I’m looking for a world title”

By: Francisco Martinez

The entertaining and rugged Mauricio “El Maestro” Herrera once again finds himself in a fight against another top Boxer who many don’t want to step in the ring with. Mauricio Herrera takes on “Hammering” Hank Lundy for the Welterweight NABF strap. managed to get a few words from Mauricio Herrera himself about his tough bout that will take place in Los Angeles CA on Saturday June 11th at the L.A. Sports arena live on HBO Latino.

May 28 ,2015. Los Angeles  CA. Boxing PC Photo by Gene Blevins/Hogan Photos “How much change have you made since the Ruslan Provodnikov fight?”

Mauricio Herrera: “A lot, I mean I’ve grown from that I think I’ve done better after Provodnikov. You know I only had thirteen fights before I fought Provodnikov. I have a little background, you know amateur background and I only had like thirty fights so I mean I’m learning as I’m going pro. The Provodnikov fight showed me, helped me a lot. I got more experience and hey, I’ve been thrown in with the wolfs right away so that right away I had to learn real quick” “Would you like a rematch with Provodnikov?”

Mauricio Herrera: “They’ve been talking about it and I’m open to a rematch after I beat him the first time but I think it was a great fight so I’ll do it again if the fans want it” “Did you watch Jose Benavidez first title defense?”

Mauricio Herrera: “No, I didn’t care. I don’t care about Benavidez. He can do whatever he wants, fight whoever he wants, don’t even like mentioning his name. You know we gave him a shot and the guy was pampered his whole career and then he gets a gift decision and gets the belt so he’s going the easy way up. The thing with me was I didn’t wanna, you know, I give him the shot, I was, I’m not up there yet but I’m up enough where I gave him the shot, so he takes the shot from a pampered record and they have all this hype on him and then I go and fight him and then they just give him my belt like nothing. Maybe he’s a Top Ranked and he’s a little cutie coming up but it don’t matter. He won it o.k. it was a roberry, he got it and look what he does, goes and fights Paez Jr.” “Would you like a Danny Garcia Rematch?”

Mauricio Herrera: “I hope so I mean I’m ready to fight the champion at 140lbs if Danny is the champion then I wanna fight Danny. I’m looking for a world title” “How do you deal with all these questionable decisions?”

Mauricio Herrera: “It’s sucks! It can get depressing but I’m not gonna let it get to me. I love Boxing and I have fun with it I try not to take it too serious. I’ll wait for the end of my career to let me get depressed and do all that but right now I’m in the moment and I’m not going to let it bother me” “Hank Lundy can box or fight. What’s your game plan for him?”

Mauricio Herrera: “It’s fine. Lundy can come, he can do his Boxing, he can come forward. I’ll be ready for it. Another guy who’s hungry I know his heart, I know he has good speed, he changes southpaw, I know everything about him so I mean, I feel it’s going to be nothing new. The guy says he’s going to try and box me, let’s see, so far people who try to box me end up staying there and fighting me and I think at the end of the day the crowd is going to like for a great fight and that’s going make him stay and go toe to toe fight me” “Who would you like to fight next?”

Mauricio Herrera: “At 140lbs, like the only names I haven’t fought are (Lucas) Matthysse and (Lemont) Peterson. Those are the only ones at 140lbs left” “Is there a potential move to Welterweight?”

Mauricio Herrera: “Well, I haven’t thought about it too much but I’m open too anybody. At 147lbs, whoever is there, whoever the people call for and once I’m done with 140lbs, 147lbs, I’ll be ready to call out some names” “What’s your brothers roll in preparing you for a fight?”

Mauricio Herrera: “Yeah, you know he sparrs with me a lot he helps me a lot, he knows me better then anybody else. Been sparring since we where little so I mean it’s always great to have him. He knows everything about me”


Mauricio Herrera gave the following quotes at the press conference.

“Thank you to Golden Boy Promotions for taking a chance on me for my career. Last year was a tough year. Two of the fights I was robbed in. This fight on July 11 will be justice for Herrera.

“Who better than to fight this tough man, Hank Lundy. We are both hungry and not scared of anybody.

“Lundy says he’s coming to fight and box. This is going to be the last fight, and we are going to shut it down. I’m going to take him to school.

“I hope everyone enjoys the fight and can make it out July 11 to the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.”

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1 Comment

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