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Interview with Josesito Lopez: “I’ll be back before the end of the year man”

By Fransciso Martinez

Josesito Lopez arrived late to the Robert Guerrero vs Aron Martinez fight. He missed the first 4 rounds. Crucial rounds, the most important rounds. Josesito Lopez fought Aron Martinez. So, wanted his inside on the fight at hand live at the Stub Hub center. He also touched on the recent “call out” Victor Ortiz threw at him via video.

lopez “You fought Aron Martinez, did you see the Guerrero vs Martinez fight, what did you think? You know what he’s about, you fought him”

Josesito Lopez: “Yeah, I fought Martinez about a year ago (ESPN Friday Night Fights) I know he’s a tough solid fighter, comes to give any fighter a tough match and that’s what he did today. I thought it was pretty close” “What did you think of the cards. Don’t you think they should’ve favor Martinez?”

Josesito Lopez: “You know what, I missed the first few rounds which where, from what I heard where the most important rounds. I missed the knock down, I got here after the knockdown but from what I hear it was a close match dude. It was a close fight. Martinez is tough” “Show the people your arm” (Josesito Lopez is wearing a cast around his left hand)

Josesito Lopez: “I got surgery not to long ago. I’ll be back before the end of the year man and coming back harder and stronger” “So, you needed surgery going into the (Andre) Berto fight. Why take that fight being that Berto is such a tough fighter?”


Josesito Lopez: “I’ve had trouble with my hand for years. Going into the Berto fight I was fine but I messed it up to the point where you know, I can’t fight like this anymore so that’s the only difference” “You had a real good beginning in that fight then he caught you with one punch, the referee stopped it. Do you think that was a quick stoppage?”

Josesito Lopez: “Absolutely! That was a stupid stoppage man! I think the referee might feel that way also, looking back at it. I think it was a stupid stoppage you know but that’s behind me, that’s the past. Don’t matter” “So what’s next when you get back in the ring, a tune up and then a big name? You know (Victor) Ortiz just called you out? I don’t know if you’ve seen it but Ortiz just called you out”

Josesito Lopez: “Oh, no. I don’t even know about it but it don’t matter I’m up for whatever happens you know. I’m up for the baddest, toughest fighters out there and if Ortiz thinks he’s one of them, then I’m up for him too” “You broke his jaw and he’s been talking a lot ever since. He’s asking for a rematch with (Floyd) Mayweather. Do you think that’s…”

Josesito Lopez: “(Laughs) This guys needs to wake up already man! Maybe, avenge his losses and if he can get to Mayweather, then he can get to Mayweather but he needs to get trough me and (Marcos) Maidana first!”


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