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Heavyweight Gossip: Mike Tyson Hot for Sarah Palin, Tommy Morrison Arrested, James Toney

By Johnny Walker


Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson got really titillated over the recent news that former Alaska Governor and Tea Party queen Sarah Palin once had a one-night stand with former NBA star Glen Rice.

Tyson was a guest on the sports radio show Gridlock (KWWN Espn Radio) last week, and the show soon devolved into the equivalent of a bunch of giggling schoolboys trading dirty stories before gym class when the subject of Palin’s sexual history came up. Take the leader of a political movement not known for its black membership, and add a black athlete getting between the sheets with said leader, and well … you’ve got this from Mike Tyson, who seems to have listened to a lot of Richard Pryor’s old comedy routines:

“Glen Rice is a nice, mellow, docile black man … you want somebody like [Dennis] Rodman in there to push [Palin’s] guts up to the back of her head!” [insane laughter from everyone].

“In life in general, you know, everybody gotta get that out of their system when they get out of college … Every white girl, every uppity middle class, corporate owner’s daughter [says] ‘gotta get a black man before I go out and prosper in this white world.’” [more raucous laughter]

“Isn’t that beautiful that Palin got boned out by a big black stallion? … Sarah Palin, she met the wombshifter!” [uproarious laughter]

And so on.

“I feel like I’ve been drinking,” said a giddy Tyson as the show wound down.


No doubt former WBO world heavyweight champion Tommy “The Duke” Morrison, 42, wasn’t in such a jovial mood as he got re-arrested for pot possession last weekend. The charges apparently stem from a 2010 arrest in Kansas that were thought by Morrison to be dropped, but as is usual with Tommy Morrison these days, the exact details of this incident are muddled and confusing.

Morrison’s life has been in pretty much of a shambles since he was diagnosed as having the HIV virus back in 1996, and he has since had numerous run-ins with the law. “The Duke” (48-3-1) has contended to anyone who will listen that he received a false diagnosis, and says that he has basically had his livelihood taken away from him, as he is unable to get licensed to fight. But he seems unable to convince anyone whose opinion on this issue would matter that he is not sick.

Morrison’s preliminary hearing on this current charge is scheduled for Sept 29.

It seems that this is one story that is headed for a tragic ending.


As we reported in Boxing Insider previously, the proposed but never scheduled special rules bout between heavyweight boxer James “Lights Out” Toney and MMA heavyweight Ken Shamrock has fallen apart, with Toney mumbling something about money issues in a video interview with Elie Seckbach. A press conference was even held for this non-event, during which the increasingly volatile Toney blew his top and had to be taken outside and calmed down by his entourage.

According to another MMA fighter, the proposed Toney-Shamrock fight was always a mirage.

Chael Sonnen of the UFC recently told Cage Potato that, “I can guarantee you that as sure as night follows day, that not only is [Toney vs Shamrock] never gonna happen, it never was. Ken Shamrock is going around to all these different promoters doing his typical scumbag move getting money up front saying, “You know, I’m a Hall of Famer and I don’t even know if you guys are going to exist, so give me a ten grand signing bonus.”

According to Sonnen, Shamrock “takes their money, goes and blades himself in the back, or whatever make believe thing that guy does, won’t show up – guaranteed he won’t show up – keeps their ten grand and goes on to the next unassuming promoter. He’s not gonna fight James Toney … He never was.”


Toney is now trying to finalize a boxing match with top cruiserweight Denis Lebedev, tentatively scheduled for November 4, in Moscow, Russia.

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