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Get 2 Know Ruslan Chagaev

Status: Former WBA Heavyweight champion. 2001 world amateur super heavyweight champion.
Ht: 6-1 Wt: 230
DOB: October 19, 1978 In: Andizhan, Uzbekhistan
Childhood Dream: “A cosmonaut.”
Favorite Movie: “Gladiator.”
Hobbies/Leisure Activities: “Family.”
First Boxing Memory: “The first training when I was 13 was very hard.”
Inspiration: “I needed a sport besides school.”
Favorite All-Time Fighter: “Mike Tyson. I always enjoyed seeing his fights and in 1997 I met him in Las Vegas. He became a world champion several times though he was always the smaller boxer.”
Nicknames: The White Tyson.
Pre-Fight Feeling: “I promise I will do my best.”
Pre-Fight Meal: “Noodles.”
Musical Tastes: “Eminem.”
Last Book Read: “Sydney Sheldon.”
Typical Breakfast: “Eggs and mushrooms.”
Current Car: “Mercedes GL.”
Greatest Sports Moment: “When I won the WBA belt against Valuev in 2007.”
Most Painful Moment: “Achilles tendon before the fight with Valuev.”
Funny Boxing Memory: “None.”
Embarrassing Boxing Memory: “None.”
Which Fight Were You At Your Best: “Eliminator vs. John Ruiz and title fight vs. Valuev.”
Toughest Opponent: “John Ruiz.”
Last Vacation: “Dominican Republic.”
Favorite Fight: “Gatti vs. Ward.”
Toughest Part Of Being A Successful Boxer: “The workout, sparring.”
Training Routine: “The training goes in two stages. Alongside with my trainer we do an intensive training, a lot of running, heavy lifting and other things. Then we move to Hamburg and are busied with the last stage of tough preparations for the fight. For the last two weeks we have the active sparring bouts, this includes several 12 round training bouts.”
Best Boxer In Sport Today: “Manny Pacquiao.”
Favorite Boxers To Watch: “Tyson, Gatti, Pacquiao, Sidorenko.”
What Would You Be If You Weren’t A Boxer: “A teacher for sports.”
Why Are Eastern Europeans Dominating Heavyweight Boxing: “We are good workers, can crack down upon ourselves and are, above all, hungry.”
People Qualities Most Admired: “Honesty.”

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