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Get 2 Know Devon Alexander

Status: WBC/IBF Light Welterweight champion. Pro record is 20-0 (13 KO’s).

Ht: 5-8 Wt: 140

DOB: February 10, 1987 In: St. Louis, MO

Boxing Inspirations: “For people who don’t know me, I grew up with Cory Spinks, he’s been a great inspiration for me. He’s been in the same gym with me. He’s been a great experience. But I’m self motivated myself. I just look at the game, see who’s all inside the game – I look at that and take it upon myself to motivate myself and inspire myself to be the best.”

Nicknames: “Besides The Great, Smiley. I smile a lot. They call me Smiley. Or they call me Dangerous D. Just different names that’s got to do with boxing and that knows that I’m dedicated to boxing, anything like that.”

Hobbies/Leisure Activities: “Think about boxing. Besides that, I don’t know. 24-7 I think about boxing. I want to be undisputed champion. That’s my hobby. I’m thinking about what can I do to progress my talent and all that. Basketball sometimes I can do basketball. I like to eat [smiles]. That’s one of my hobbies. Other than that, boxing is my main goal right now.”

Favorite Movies: “I like scary movies, exciting movies, gore movies, horror and stuff like that. I like the Jasons and Michael Myers movies whenever they come on.”

Last Book Read: “Jesus Christ – a questionaire book about God. I read in China, very informative. A book about me knowing why am I Christian and what am I Christian for. I’m not a Christian just because somebody tells me I am. 90% of people don’t know why they’re Christian. So I was reading into that.”

Musical Tastes: “Rap, I like TI or Young Joc.”

Favorite TV Show: “Comedy, Jamie Foxx or Steve Harvey, Martin. I like the comedy aspect of TV shows.”

First Boxing Memory: “When I won my first national Silver Gloves title, I remember that (in Lenexa, Kansas). I was nine or ten. I fought every day and won the whole thing. That was my first time going. It felt good because everybody was looking at me. I felt like I accomplished a lot. So I never forgot it. Then I came home and I was in the newspaper for the first time in my whole life. So that was pretty good.”

First Job: “I worked at Busch Stadium with St. Louis Cardinals. I was a vendor when I was 13 selling
cotton candy. It didn’t work out well for me. It wasn’t my fault. Actually, I was working with a girl, we were selling lemonade. She was actually making the lemonade and she was cutting the knife and she licked the knife. A lady saw her and reported that she liked the knife and she fired both of us – and it really wasn’t my fault.”

First Car: “Ford Escort (green), 1995.”

Current Car: “Monte Carlo 2002. Silver and smoke gray. Got some 20-inch rims on it.”

Favorite Meal: “Chicken and macaroni. No, I take it back, lasagna and chicken.”

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: “Vanilla.”

Pre-Fight Feeling: “Just think about it all. Thinking about going in there and executing the gameplan that we have. That I’ve prepared myself. Doing the checklist. Making sure I have my mouthpiece, cup, all that stuff. And just getting physically, mentally focused. Just think about what I’ve been going through my whole career. And that motivates me. And my dad. Think about my daughter, how is she back at home. Just think about all different kinds of stuff – too motivate me, get me pumped up and ready to show the crowd The Great is gonna be champion.”

Greatest Sports Moment: “So far, becoming champion (d. Junior Witter for WBC title in 2009 and Urango for IBF in 2010). Most boxers never get a chance to be champion of the world. It’s a blessing. I’m like, wow. So it motivates me.”

Most Painful Moment: “I’d say when I lost my dad. I was in Olympic Trials, he didn’t pass yet. I lost in the last day of Olympic Trials to Rock Allen. It was 16-16. When I did get back, he got real sick. That’s when he passed. When I did get back, it was hard to say that I lost. Because he would have really looked forward to me winning there. It was okay but that was one of the most painful moments that I can think of.”

Funny Boxing Memory: “Me and Cory used to joke around all the time. We’d spar, he’d hit me on top of the head. I’d hit him. I can’t really think of anything funny, boxing is pretty serious in the ring.”

Embarrassing Boxing Memory: “When I fell out of the ring. Amateur and I fell out of the ring at national PAL tournament. We were fighting and I missed him and whooo, fell all the way out of the ring. All out into the judges, crowd.”

Toughest Opponent: “Chop Chop Corley on HBO. He knew what he was doing, he wouldn’t let me slack up. He was on me the whole fight. He made me prove my skills – or he was gonna show me what it’s all about.”

Favorite Fight(s): “I like Mayweather and Gatti. I thought it would be better but he went in there and took him out. I just like to see good, competitive fights.”

People Qualities Most Admired: “Like if I see a person and they have a lot of power, I’ll expect them to be humble and stay humble. And treat people with kindness. Don’t take advantage of people. And just pray to God, just be humble to yourself. Like me, I’m trying to stay humble and pray to God, stay focused, stay in carriage. And don’t let nobody doscourage you.”

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