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Francis Warren is the New Face for Queensberry Promotions

By: Shane Willoughby

Whilst Frank Warren was watching his new world champion make history in Vegas he left his son Francis Warren in control of his company and his York Hall card.

Queensberry promotions on the same day as Fury vs Wilder 2, hosted a fight card in London. Whilst it went under the radar, the card was absolutely fantastic.

Majority of the show was filled with prospects and fighters on the way up, but the matchmaking and the overall handling of the show was perfectly managed. Warren has definitely left the company in good hands.

It is unclear whether Francis warren was in control of choosing the fights, but if he was, it was a stroke of genius. Whenever you put to home prospects against each other the atmosphere and the fights are extremely electric.

British fans are well renowned for the boisterous behaviour and animated fan-like atmosphere. Unlike anywhere on the globe, British fans support their fighters to extreme lengths and it is unparalleled. But when you put one set of British fans against another it is a sight for sure.

Frank Warren for a while has been grooming his children to inevitably take over the family business. Whilst his son Francis is not Eddie Hearn, it appears as if he has definitely learnt a few things from his old man.

Matchroom have definitely benefited since Eddie Hearn decided to take over his father’s company. A fresh new face and a new attitude. Promoting is now a young man’s sport so maybe Frank Warren could be looking to let his son take over.

I say promoting is a young man’s sport loosely because Bob Arum who is now 88; is still on the top of his game, with more fuel than ever before. Maybe Frank Warren is attempting to go down the same road as his partner, Arum.

However, it doesn’t appear to be the case as Queensberry promotions have been regressing rapidly. Losing the likes of Billy Joe Saunders and Josh Warrington. The company might need some rejuvenating.

Warren has heavily invested his company in youth and fighters on the come up. Such as Anthony Yarde, Daniel Dubious, Sunny Edward, Willy Hutchinson who was on the show last Saturday. But it would be great if he let his son have a more hands-on approach.

His laid back attitude and swagger could be exactly what the company needs.

There was a moment in the night where his fighter Muhammad Ali, who was making his professional debut against a sorry excuse for a journeyman. Francis Warren was on his feet urging his fighter to go for the stoppage.

 That level of enthusiasm you would expect to see if you were watching the original Muhammad Ali, not a 0-0 novice. That is exactly the spirit and rejuvenating energy the company needs.

Warren by his own admission has been promoting for 100 years, obviously not. But he is definitely an old dog in the game and you know how the saying goes. Throughout his entire time as a promoter, he has failed to go out and make bold moves for his company.

Moves that have seen other promoters propel themselves to the top. Warren has spent his entire time in England with British fighters, not venturing out. Whatever you want to say about Don King, the decisions he made as promoter made him an icon and he left a mark around the world.

Eddie Hearn appears to be attempting to follow those same footsteps. It would be fantastic if Warren could as well. But why change a habit of a lifetime?

Queensbury is definitely declining and maybe Frank Warren is too stuck in his ways; whereas his son is not so emotionally invested in the game and he might be able to see the landscape from an entirely new and less clouded perspective.

Regardless of how you look at it, Francis Warren is definitely a breath of fresh air and his attitude to the sport is fantastic.

The Hall of Fame promoter definitely has a love for the sport, but his love appairs have made him quite bitter. Whilst his son still has a lot to learn from his father, he should be the face and voice of the company.

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