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Flashback: Golota Very Impressed By Adamek

Posted on 10/25/2009

There once was a time when Andrew Golota and Tomasz Adamek were good friends. Golota even went to Germany in October 2005 to support Adamek, then the WBC Light Heavyweight champion who was making his first title defense. Adamek scored a spectacular 6th-round KO victory against European champ Thomas Ulrich and highly impressed was Golota who a few days later in a phone interview shared his positive reviews about Adamek’s dazzling performance vs. Ulrich…

Scoop: Were you impressed by Tomasz Adamek’s KO performance against Thomas Ulrich?

Andrew Golota: “It was great, yeah.”

Scoop: Why? What impressed you about Adamek’s fight style and victory?

Andrew Golota: “He boxed well with the left hand. The jab was unbelievably beautiful – he was hitting him every time with it. He was playing with him. Then he killed him with the right hand. He threw about three or four right hands, not many, one of them hit him and just destroyed him.”

Scoop: Can Tomasz Adamek defeat Roy Jones or Antonio Tarver?

Andrew Golota: “It’s a good question. I think he has a good chance. You have to remember, he’s big for his size (six-foot-two inches tall). When you see the opponents of Jones and Tarver they’re always smaller (than Jones and Tarver). Adamek is equal to them. It will be a tough fight. Fun to watch that kind of challenge.”

Scoop: Were you surprised at how well and effective Adamek boxed? That he was so good against a respectable and experienced opponent such as Ulrich?

Andrew Golota: “I was surprised. With the Australian guy he fought (in May – Paul Briggs – for the vacant WBC title) he didn’t impress me that much. He got punished. He won a tough war. He actually got fun with boxing with the German guy. It’s exactly what Don King said at the press conference – He was having fun with the jab.”

Scoop: So it sounds like Adamek improved very much in just the span of one fight?

Andrew Golota: “I think so, right. You have to remember, with Paul Briggs, he got the broken nose five weeks before the fight (and was not able to spar any more after that).”
Golota was stopped in round five by his former friend Adamek on Saturday night in Lodz, Poland before approximately 17,000 in what was billed “The Polish Fight Of The Century.”

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