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Felix Verdejo Interview: We’re use to the Mexico vs Puerto Rico rivalry

By: Francisco Martinez

After his 10 round dominating performance over Ivan Najera the future of Puerto Rico boxing, native of San Juan, Felix “El Diamante” Verdejo found himself in California. Verdejo in high spirits even after hand surgery to remove bone spurs a pre existing injury he worsened by deciding to go through with his recent fight. gets the inside scoop from Verdejo himself about his status.

Fotos por Peter Amador para Top Rank “Verdejo tell us about the surgery and clarify the rumors of this injury being something you had issues with in your training camp?”

Felix Verdejo: “It’s been an issue since December and after this fight I decided to get surgery and everything went as planed” “Did this injury prevent you from boxing to your best ability?”

Felix Verdejo: “Yes it did. Every time I was able to hurt him I couldn’t go in for the finish because my hand was hurting. So I would keep from throwing at times” “How long before you can start training and box again?”

Felix Verdejo: “The doctor said 3 months but we’ll see” “How did you react when you kept dropping Najera but he kept getting up. Was that due to your injury maybe you couldn’t hit him with everything?”

Felix Verdejo: “We knew he was a strong fighter. There’s nothing wrong with it most Mexicans when they go down they get back up. Mexicans have the reputation of being made out of granite (smiles) and I won’t discredit him due to my injury he did his job and gave a great fight” “There’s a lot of great champions of Puerto Rican descent. Is there any pressure to live up to those expectations?”

Felix Verdejo: “I’m taking it step by step and I will go as far as God is willing to let me go. I will work hard and those great fighters had their career and I will have mine” “When you do get back in the ring will you seek a title fight or will you take it slow and work your way back in?”

Felix Verdejo: “We’ll take it step by step. We have no rush and being a world champion will eventually happen” “Who are some of your fellow country man you idolized growing up and pushed you into boxing?”

Felix Verdejo: “My favorite was Felix Tito Trinidad” “What’s your favorite fight of his?”

Felix Verdejo: “When he fought with Vargas (smiles)”

(Fernando Vargas was knocked down 5 times by Felix Trinidad and eventually stopped by the referee in the 12th round) “Don’t you think that fight should have been stopped? Vargas took way too much damage in that one”

Felix Verdejo: “Truthfully speaking yes. He was young and faced a fighter with experience. I believe he was rushed into a fight against a superior opponent” “How do you feel about Cotto vs Canelo?”

(Miguel Cotto vs Saul Alvarez is heavily rumored to happen in November)

Felix Verdejo: “It’s going to be a great fight. Two fighters with a similar style and I go for Cotto (smiles)” “You know Mexico vs Puerto Rico is a great rivalry. Are you prepared to fight a great Mexican fighter at some point in your career?”

Felix Verdejo: “Yes we are. We’re use to the Mexico vs Puerto Rico rivalry and it always brings the best out of each other and we’re prepared to be apart of it” “What message do you have for your fans to assure them that everything is going as planed and you’ll be the same Verdejo when you return to the ring?”

Felix Verdejo: “The doctor said in 3 months I will be ready and I’ll make sure my hand is 100% for my return”

Photo Credit: Peter Amador / Top Rank

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