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Ebanie Bridges Stunned By Miyo Toshida

Posted on 12/09/2023

By: Sean Crose

A lot of strange things happen in boxing but it’s doubtful anyone felt IBF bantamweight champion Ebanie Bridges would end up in the fight of her life against a very determined and impressive Miyo Yoshida. Although former world titlist Yoshida was clearly a skilled and disciplined fighter, it was the flashy, steamrolling Bridges who was the center of attention. Although fans likely expected solid punching and action in the fight, it was doubtful many felt it would be Bridges who would end up on the receiving end of things. Right from the opening bell, however, Yoshida was on the attack.


Bridges, who was a 7-1 favorite walking in, never seemed to be able to dominate her foe. Yoshida was faster, more accurate, and generally stronger than Bridges throughout. Indeed, there were moments in the bout where it looked like Bridges might be truly hurt. She wasn’t, but she was clearly being bested in the ring throughout the majority of the bout. As for Yoshida, she just kept bringing the fight to the defending champion. After the tenth and last round, it seemed like the only way Bridge’s could win the fight was through judicial incompetence or corruption. Suffice to say, Yoshida ended up being awarded a unanimous decision win courtesy of the judges, along with the IBF bantamweight title.

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