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Don King’s Adivce To Young Manager

Posted on 01/21/2010

I asked Stan Hoffman if he had a memorable anecdote or lasting memory of Don King. The former manager of Hasim Rahman and many other champions, replied, with a tale about some important advice that King had imparted on him.

“I don’t think he’d be upset if I tell you this, but I’m gonna,” said Hoffman. “There’s a book out and it’s printed in it – ‘Only In America.’ I was quoted in saying that my introduction to Don – the first night I ever met him was in 1980 at Abe’s Steakhouse on Third Avenue (NYC). I was trying to sell him a couple of fighters. And we were talking about fighters. And Don said, Here’s a piece of advice for you, if you’re gonna stay in boxing. And I said, What’s that, Don? I’m waiting for like these great words. And he said, Screw your fighter before he screws you. Now – we both laughed – make sure they hear that. I said, Oh my God, I’m talking to the great Don King and that’s his advice?!”

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