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David Haye: “I Will Come Back To Fight Vitali!”

Posted on 09/10/2011

By Johnny Walker

Former WBA champion David Haye has announced that he will delay his planned October retirement in order to fight one of the Klitschko brothers, most likely WBC champion Vitali.

According to a report in the AFP, Haye told the German newspaper BILD that, “If I am given a rematch against Wladimir — which I do not believe I will — or Vitali will fight me, I will postpone my retirement for six months.”

Vitali Klitschko has said that while he is proud of younger brother and The Ring recognized world heavyweight champion Wladimir’s victory over Haye, he is disappointed that Wlad didn’t dish out greater punishment to the man who has repeatedly insulted his family.

Vitali has also vowed that should Haye agree to fight him, he will “send him to floor.”

Klitschko associate Bernd Boente has made it very clear that a rematch between Wladimir and Haye is not in the cards, but that Vitali is willing and eager to take on the Brit should he emerge victorious over top challenger Tomasz Adamek in Poland today.

Haye apparently was persuaded to fight the elder Klitschko by none other than former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis, who he recently met with in Jamaica.

“We chilled out there and Lennox gave me some tips on how to beat Vitali, just like he did in 2003,” Haye told BILD.

Lewis was awarded the 2003 match over Klitschko on a stoppage due to cuts, and was booed out of the Staples Center in Los Angeles on the last night of his fighting career. Since that time, a miffed Lewis has had an on-again, off-again vendetta going with the Klitschko brothers, offering “advice on how to beat them” to numerous fighters such as Corrie Sanders and Juan Carlos Gomez , none of whom have been successful.

Haye says he will be cheering for Vitali to beat the “Polish plum” Adamek today, “something I wouldn’t normally do to save my life.”

And the mouthy Brit is already finding his trash talking form as he spoils for another big payday against a Klitschko.

“Wladimir couldn’t put me down and he had the referee, judges and fans on his side. I had no real chance,” Haye contends.

“Vitali should give me the chance, if he dares.”

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