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Curtis Jones: Why I Would Rather Face Anthony Joshua Than Deontay Wilder

By: Hans Themistode

With current unified Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua (22-0, 21 KOs) making his U.S. debut on June 1st, the spotlight will be shining on him. He can’t simply win, but he has to do so in devastating fashion. That won’t be much of a problem for the U.K. born Joshua. Only one of his opponents throughout his career have managed to make it to the final bell. Simply put, he has power and plenty of it.

Standing 6 feet 6 inches, over 250 pounds and seemingly having the same body as a Greek God, Joshua overwhelms his opponents. When Joshua gets his man hurt he wastes no time in closing the show.

In short, Joshua is massive puncher. With that being said, I would much rather face Anthony Joshua than current WBC Heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (41-0-1, 40 KOs). These are the sentiments that are expressed from former pro fighter turned boxing trainer, Curtis Jones.

Although Joshua presents many issues for whomever he faces, Jones believes that Wilder is a totally different animal entirely.

“Joshua is a really good puncher but Wilder is one of the heaviest hitters of all time.” Said Jones.

Putting together a strategy to defeat Joshua isn’t an easy one. However, Jones feels as though a fight with the U.K. born champion won’t present him with as many dangers as a bout with Wilder would.

“Look, if I had to choose between a fight with Wilder or Joshua, I would choose Joshua. The reason I say this is because Joshua’s chin is not really to good, he’s been hurt on multiple occasions. I’ll just go for the knockout. If he catches me then at least he catches me with a decent shot, but with Wilder? To get out of a fight with Wilder you have to get Bomb squad. This is the only way.”

“Bomb squad” of course, is for Wilder’s signature catchphrase that he seemingly says everywhere he goes. It indicates that a matchup with the WBC champion will only end in a knockout defeat for his opponents.

For Wilder, his entire fighting approach is unlike anything we have ever seen. From his naturally thin frame to his unusual fighting style, it all gives him an edge. One that, Curtis believes has worked and will continue to work to his benefit.

“Wilder isn’t your traditional boxer. Also he isn’t a true Heavyweight. He’s a blown up cruiserweight. With big guys they tend to get tired but since Wilder comes into his fights at a lighter weight he’s able to have plenty of power no matter how long the fight last. Also when you face Wilder he isn’t going to hit you with something that you are going to see coming. He’s not going to hit you with a check left hook. Its not going to be a counter shot either. It’s going to be one big shot and it’s over.” Said Jones.

According to Jones there is a reason why Fury opted to avoid the immediate rematch with Wilder

“I that feel Fury didn’t want the rematch. He knew that in the course of 12 rounds he couldn’t completely stay away from Wilder. He completely ducked the Wilder rematch.”

There is little to no doubt that these two fighters are head and shoulders above the rest in the Heavyweight division. Joshua is a devastating puncher, but Wilder, at least according to Jones is the far superior puncher.

“Joshua is a great fighter. He also has a ton of power but I would much rather face him than Wilder. His power is just on another level.”

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