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Adrien Broner Sent To Jail For Violating Probation

By: Sean Crose

It’s happened again. Adrien Broner has found himself in trouble with the law. The fighter, who was once seen as a pound for pound level talent, and perhaps even the future heir to Floyd Mayweather’s throne, has had a tough seven or so years. Riding high in the early part of the previous decade, legal troubles and some pretty big ring losses sent the man into a rut that the Cincinnati native seems to keep falling back into. Now Broner, whose nickname is “The Problem,” is behind bars for a probation violation, courtesy of a Cleveland judge. reports that “Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge Sherrie Miday ordered Broner, 32, remanded to the county jail after a Tuesday hearing, according to court records.” The order stems from an incident where Broner was said to have assaulted a woman in a night club. Miday apparently learned “that he (Broner) failed to enroll in an alcohol treatment program as part of his court-ordered probation for assaulting a woman.” Broner was originally “charged with several felonies, but ultimately received probation after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of assault.”

To make matters worse for Broner, he has another court date in the same court on the 26th of this month, this time regarding a civil suit launched by the same woman he is said to have assaulted. The judge in that case “will decide whether to hold him in contempt for failing to cooperate.” Broner’s accuser claimed he put his weight on her and kissed her forcefully at a Cleveland night club back in 2018. Needless to say, the judge in the civil case, Nancy Margaret Russo, awarded the woman eight hundred thousand dollars from Broner, money which the fighter reportedly hasn’t coughed up.

According to, “Broner has appealed Russo’s decision to the 8th District Court of Appeals, which has not said whether it will take up the appeal.” All of this is sadly less than unusual for Broner, whose life appears to be a constant state of disarray. He’s earned much money in the ring, but seems to be plagued by irresponsibility and a habit of breaking the law. Broner, whose record stands at 34-4-1, last fought in February and hasn’t been penciled in for another bout since that time. He has won titles in four weight divisions throughout what has been a successful, if perhaps disappointing, professional career.

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