“Redemption” Weigh-In Results from Auckland, NZ: David Tua 244; Monte Barrett 222

By Johnny Walker

The fighters in this weekend’s New Zealand-based heavyweight main event, entitled “Redemption,” stepped on the scales at a subdued weigh-in today that passed without any of the theatrics and posturing boxing fans have come to expect.

David “Tuamanator” Tua tipped the scales at 110.8kg (approx. 244 pounds), while Monte “Two Gunz” Barrett weighed 100.9kg (222 pounds). Tua is close to seven pounds heavier than when he fought Barrett in Atlantic City last summer, while Barrett has dropped two pounds since that bout.

Tua, a fast food lover for whom weight has often been an issue, weighed 248 pounds for his last fight, a 12-round unanimous decision win against journeyman Demetrice King.

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