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Quigg or Frampton – Who will Prevail

Posted on 11/09/2015

By Abbas Dadhiwala

As soon as the Quigg- Frampton fight was announced, it had fight fans salivating on what could become the biggest British fight in the last 10 years.

Both Quigg and Frampton have had sharp rises through the division to become rivals who hold two genuine versions of the super Bantamweight title. Boxing commentators and fans alike are divided as to who will win in this eagerly awaited encounter.

The MEN arena in Manchester will hold this potentially magical night, this is the same venue where Ricky Hatton had his greatest night when he stopped Kosta Tszuyu, or Joe Calzaghe’s complete annihaliation of Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy’s career.

Somebody’s “0 will have to go” in this genuine unification fight of Quigg’s WBA Crown and Frampton’s IBF belt. Feburary 27th will hopefully go down in boxing history as one the greatest fights British boxing will have ever seen. Both boxers have been seen in the media trashing the opponent. We even had Quigg presenting a cheque of £1.5 million which was rejected as a gimmick by Frampton’s manager Barry McGuigan. Both boxers done like each other, but get a deal done shows the maturity of both camps to sit down and thrash out a deal.

Frampton wanted the fight in Belfast and there is no denying that he would have been able to fill out any arena there with his army of fans, so to come to Manchester and fight Quigg, shows that Frampton wants this fight as much as Quigg. Money talks and Eddie Hearn had his way and secured the bout in Quigg’s backyard.

To have a fight like this is what will keep the general public interested in boxing after the debacle of the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquaio snooze fest. With no sign of the Amir Khan and Kell Brook fight any closer to being signed, this is the only British fight that can whet the appetite of fans of the sweet science.

The best boxers in the division are Guillermo Rigondeax and Leo Santa Cruz. Rigo is one of the most avoided boxer’s on the planet. His skill set is the best in the division, a stylish boxer, who sways and moves around the ring effortlessly, whilst timing his punches to perfection, while Santa is a big puncher, an all out action style fighter. The logical next fight would be for the victor to face Rigondeaux, but with no fan base or profile, it is a hard sell.

When Quigg destroyed Kiko Martinez that made the boxing world especially Frampton take notice. At the same time Frampton was sprawled on the floor in his American Debut, but came back to secure a decision on points in his first fight in America. Quigg has punching power, while Frampton relies on his speed and timing of punches. Styles makes fights, and this fight will have 2 different styles pitted against each other. If this fight goes the distance or ebbs and flows, then we could potentially have a Gatti-Ward style trilogy. I for one can’t wait for this encounter. Roll on Feburary 27th.

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