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Golovkin, Jacobs Meet For Final Press Conference

Posted on 03/13/2017

Golovkin, Jacobs Meet For Final Press Conference
By: Sean Crose

With just days to go before their hyped middleweight title bout in Madison Square Garden this Saturday, Gennady Golovkin, Daniel Jacobs and their respective camps gathered for a final press conference. It was a staid affair, perhaps too staid for a highly anticipated fight, but there’s really no making K2 honcho Tom Loeffler and HBO honcho Peter Nelson exciting or excitable. These are nice, professional men who have put together a top level matchup. Still, it would be nice if some electricity could be generated for these events. One doesn’t have to be Don King or Tex Rickard in order to be a good salesmen.


Yet the people behind Golovkin-Jacobs weren’t the only ones whose presence was less than bombastic at the podium. The 32-1 Jacobs and the 36-0 Golovkin are easygoing guys in person. Unlike Loeffler and Nelson, however, both men are able to promote the fight by virtue of their fists. These are two incredibly heavy hitters. Jacobs has knocked out all but three of his opponents while Golovkin has sent a whopping thirty three opponents home early. Such numbers speak for themselves. Besides, when it came to the fighters, it was actually nice to see two true sportsmen at work.

“I’m back in my city,” said Brooklyn’s Jacobs, “back home, where it all started.” The man was clearly happy with the chance to face Golovkin, a man who is arguably the most feared fighter on the planet. “You guys don’t understand the mentality I have,” Jacobs claimed, “so focused, so ready.” The likeable Jacobs, well respected for beating cancer as well as the vast majority of his competition, indeed appeared psychologically prepared to take on his biggest challenge. “I’m excited to have this opportunity,” he told the gathered audience.

Golovkin, a native of Kazakhstan, spoke with broken English, but also came across as a gentleman, which is the manner outside the ring he’s known for. “I hope Daniel had his best training camp,” the hard hitting titlist claimed, arguing that the bout should “show boxing class…world boxing class.” The match, Golovkin said, would be a “big present to fans.” Yet the man also thanked his trainer, Abel Sanchez. “He opened my eyes for boxing,” Golovkin declared, “for a new life.” Jacobs, likewise, thanked his advisor Al Haymon, a man who Jacobs said, “stuck by my side.”

“He gave me emotional, financial, all types of support,” Jacobs continued.

Fans are hoping to be thankful for both fighters giving a top level performance on Saturday. Golovkin made it clear they won’t be disappointed. “I promise,” he told the assembled media, “we bring dramatic show.”

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