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Vitali Klitschko Vows To Send David Haye “To the Floor” For Family Insults

By Johnny Walker

WBC heavyweight champion of the world Vitali Klitschko, aka “Dr. Ironfist,” is not entirely satisfied with the result of the fight between his younger brother, The Ring magazine recognized world heavyweight champion Wladimir, and former WBA heavyweight champion David Haye of the UK.

While Wladimir has been noncommittal about a rematch, saying Haye needs to earn it by winning fights against some top contenders, Vitali, nearly five years older than Wladimir, is chomping at the bit to give Haye the treatment he feels the British fighter deserves for two-plus years of insults to him and his family.

“I was very happy when Wladimir beat David Haye, I support my brother very much,” Vitali, who is visiting the UK with his brother, told Sky Sports today in a televised interview. “But I was a little bit unhappy, because after [Haye’s] bad words, I hope my brother send him to the floor.

“This not happens, [so] I can do that. I can do that, soon in the future.”

While Haye is now a belt-less ex-champion, Vitali claims that he has all the motivation he needs for the fight, and it has less to do with boxing accolades than it has to do with family honor.

“Now David Haye is without a title but there is one reason why I want to fight him – because he touched me personally with his bad words,” Vitali told

“I want to give him the right answer by sending him to the floor.

“This would be great for me personally. If the fight happens this will be the biggest motivation.”

“[Haye] always has excuses, always says bad words to my brother and to me and to my family,” Vitali added.

“It’s not nice and the only way I can answer that without words is to send him to the floor in the ring. Then he will have no excuses. It will be great.

“He is actually famous for his trash talking and not for his boxing skills. I want to send him to the place where he belongs.”

Haye was quoted last week as saying he has “no beef” with Vitali, which is a bit odd considering the fact that Haye once sported a t-shirt featuring the decapitated heads of both brothers, and was, according to Haye’s manager Adam Booth, once put in a choke-hold by the more emotionally combustible of the Klitschkos in a German restaurant for his insults to the Klitschko family.

If Haye felt he was “stalking” the Klitschko brothers for the last two years, the shoe now seems to be firmly on the other foot, with an anxious Vitali Klitschko aching to finish the job he feels his brother only started on the London-based fighter.

The tables have indeed turned!

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