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Talkin’ Boxing with Paul Williams

Posted on 10/04/2009

The Most Feared Man In Boxing Paul Williams (37-1, 27 KO’s) discusses how he will dismantle Kelly Pavlik on December 5, the blueprint to dominate Mayweather, the concept of holding back his A game as a smart business decision, and much more in this candid Q&A…

BoxingInsider: How do you see this fight with Kelly Pavlik playing out?

Paul Williams: “I see it as a real good action fight, it’s gonna be some fireworks in there. I know Pavlik’s gonna hit me with some shots and I’m gonna hit him with some big shots. It’s gonna be something for the fans where they’re gonna be, Okay… It’s not gonna be a boring fight. It’s gonna be some action fight. And I’m down for whatever goes down in that ring. I’m game for it.”

BoxingInsider: Why are you going to win? George Peterson said it will be your easiest victory.

Paul Williams: “I mean, cause I got all the ingredients to win this fight. If you was a bookie and you look at his fights, all the fights we fought and stuff, you look at the odds. You see me being more slick, more agile, more elusive. You see him being a basic fighter. So you look at all that and put it all together. I got a question for you. You gonna be at the fight. You gonna be watching the fight. I know you got friends. Who you bettin’ on? Who you gonna put your money on?

BoxingInsider: I think you are going to win.

Paul Williams: “And why do you think that? You see the styles. You see the slickness and you see him being basic, that can go against some guys. Then thinking he might try some new stuff in camp. I don’t know. I gonna be on my P’s and Q’s. I gotta be in my best possible shape I can possibly be in. I know he’s gonna have his moments in the fight. And I respect that. I look for him to have his moments in the fight. But that’s all it’s gonna be is moments. I’m gonna outwork him. Work him like a temp service [smiles].”

BoxingInsider: I also believe you would beat Mayweather.

Paul Williams: “I would love to get Mayweather. But a lot of people don’t realize, with Mayweather, you can’t stand there and box that guy. He’s too fast for that. You gotta fight him. You gotta make him fight the whole three minutes, the whole fight, make it a fight. And you got your best chance of beating him.”

BoxingInsider: It almost seems Mayweather would be easy work for you.

Paul Williams: “Oh I’d love to get that fight, bro. We know that’s not gonna happen.”

BoxingInsider: Why not though? Why not, if you can find a way to force him into taking it.

Paul Williams: “How can I force him into it. When he had he 147 belt and we were calling out Mayweather, he went into retirement. So when we go up in weight he comes out of retirement. So I’m not saying he’s ducking me but that fight’s not gonna happen. We don’t try to get that. Everybody’s calling out Cotto, Pacquiao, Mayweather, all those names, we throw them up in the air. We been there, did that. That’s not gonna happen.”

BoxingInsider: George says 147 is still your best division and it’s no problem to fight there again. But it’s not looking feasible at this point, given that not one of the top welters ever speaks the name Paul Williams. Your comment?

Paul Williams: “I kind of got 147 out of my mind. I know Floyd’s not gonna fight me. Shane’s not gonna fight me. Pacquiao’s not gonna fight me at 147. Cotto’s not gonna fight me at 147. That’s the only reason I’d come to 147.”

BoxingInsider: The great fighters have trouble sometimes getting super motivated for the mediocre fights. As a great fighter in the sport today, is it discouraging for you in any way, not getting the really big fights you want and deserve?

Paul Williams: “I’m just gonna make my mark in whatever fight I get. All I want is a man to get in front of me. If they stand inside that ring in front of me and they come in at the same weight, it’s on. It don’t matter who they is. As long as they prove themselves worthy to get into the ring with me. I wouldn’t want to fight somebody if it’s not bringing something to the table.”

BoxingInsider: When you see the other top fighters out there, who would you most like to get your hands on in the ring?

Paul Williams: “Well, basically, like I say, Mosley, Cotto, Pacquiao, Mayweather, Bernard Hopkins, I mean, any of them guys.”

BoxingInsider: The best of the best.

Paul Williams: The best of the best. And the guys out there they say is the best guys out there or they the man to beat, nobody can beat these guys. They the guys I want to fight. Because I want to make my legacy – this guy, he fought ’em, he beat ’em. He lost, he avenged his loss. I mean, I want to fight the best out there.”

BoxingInsider: If you look too good in this fight with Kelly Pavlik, if you knock him out inside six rounds, it might even be harder for you to get a fight. Your comment?

Paul Williams: “It is gonna be harder.”

BoxingInsider: Does that play on your mind in the ring? In the heat of the battle?

Paul Williams: “Oh yeah, of course it does. We already talked about that. If we fight Winky and blow him out of the water, it’s really gonna be hard for us to get a fight. But, you know, I just gotta do what I gotta do. Got a rematch clause but he’s not gonna take that, after he get blown out of the water. Why he gonna go back in there and do it again? I hope he will. It’s gonna be real hard and stuff. So I just gotta do what I gotta do. I’m not taking him lightly. If I get in there, If I’m blowing him out, then hey, he gets blown out. I’m not gonna let up off the gas. I’m just gonna keep gunnin’ it.”

BoxingInsider: Thank you very much. Keep up the great work.

Paul Williams: “Thank you sir, thank you.”

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