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Ryan Garcia On Shakur Stevenson: “He Didn’t Fight Good At All. He Was Scared.”

Posted on 11/20/2023

By: Sean Crose

It’s been a tough couple of days for Shakur Stevenson. Although he bested Edwin De Los Santos for the WBC lightweight title last Thursday, the fight was so boring – and Stevenson’s performance so listless – that it irked a large percentage of fight fans. Count the popular Ryan Garcia among that group. Speaking to Fight Hub, Garcia made it clear he was unimpressed with Stevenson’s performance against De Los Santos. He also made it clear that he isn’t isn’t too impressed with Stevenson, period.


“He does talk like really arrogant shit,” said Garcia. “He is a little bit like that in person. Ever since the amateur’s he’s walking around like his shit don’t stink and it pisses me off.” Garcia then described an incident in Las Vegas where Stevenson struck Garcia as being very rude. Afterward, of course, Garcia spoke of Stevenson’s most recent ring performance. “Honestly,” Garcia said in reference to last Thursday’s fight, “he (Stevenson) didn’t fight good at all. He was scared.”

Stevenson took to social media on Monday to respond. “I wasn’t being arrogant,” he tweeted. “I don’t fw you clown ass n—-s what I’m coming over to u I been sitting there before u if u wanted to holla me u could of came and said Waddup.. My bad nights I win on yo bad nights u lay down from a body shot and get up after the 10 counts [sic].”

This being the sport of boxing, where social media fights are often more frequent than high level matches, Garcia took to Twitter himself. “We broke records and made life changing money,” he said in reference to his superfight earlier this year against Gervonta Davis. “You broke a record of the least punches ever landed in a twelve round fight and made not even 10% of what we made. Quiet your mouth kid.”

While Garcia might be the more popular of the two fighters, Stevenson pointed out that he is the one with the stronger resume. “Won my 3rd world tittle in a different weight class my guy,” he said. “Let’s speak facts u have never won a real World tittle thru out yo whole career congrats on the money u made but u can’t tie my shoes when we talking boxing – And that money don’t last forever do sum smart wit it cuz [sic].”

Garcia will return to the ring on December 12, when he takes on Oscar Duarte Jurado in Houston in a bout that will be aired live on the DAZN streaming service.

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