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Recap: Nadal Promotions, Derrick Webster v. Luis Robbinson

By: William Holmes

Event: Derrick Webster v. Luis Robbinson
From: Hamilton Manor Ballroom, Hamilton, NJ

Bout 1: Marcus Smith (1-4) vs. John Depolito (0-3); 4 Rounds

First bout of the evening is a lightweight affair between Marcus Smith and John Depolito. Depolito hails from Philadelphia, PA and Marcus Smith is from Trenton, NJ. Smith appears to have the reach advantage, and Depolito starts off the fight landing some nice combinations. Nice hard left by Smithlands clean. Depolito is clearly the aggressor, but Smith hits him with a nice counter hook dropping Depolito in the first round. Depolito looks hurt after that knockdown. Depolito remaining aggressivebut looks to have lost a little sprung in his step. Nice overhand right by Smith lands cleanly. Depolito lands a nice left hook that knocks Smith to the ropes. Both fighters have been throwing a lot of power shots this round. 10-8 round for Marcus Smith.

Second round starts with Depolito being the aggressor again trying to press the pace. Nice straight right lands for Smith. Nice inside left hook lands again for Smith. Smith now landing more frequently and with harder shots. A series of multiple left hooks by Smith knocks Depolito down again. Another left hook by Marcus Smith knocks down Depolito again and the ref calls off the fight.

Winner by 2nd round TKO, Marcus Smith.

Bout 2: Yehudy Vargas (1-1) vs. Miguel Corcino (2-1) ; 4 Rounds

Second bout of the evening is a welterweight fight Corcino who hails from Puerto Rico against Vargas who is originally from Costa Rica. Both fighters are right handed, and it starts off with Vargas trying to pin Corcino against the ropes. Both fighters are swinging wild haymakers and are wasting no time in engaging. Corcino lands a nice left hook and appears to be picking his shots more wisely. He’s also made Vargas miss wildly a few times with some slick head movement. Tough round to score, but I’d score it 10-9 for Corcino.

Second round starts with Corcino trying to establish his jab, and Vargas again trying to pin Corcino against the ropes. Corcino lands a solid left jab that temporarily stops Vargas in his tracks. Vargas is continuing to swing wildly but has not landed anything flush. Corcino was in better control this round and kept Vargas at bay with a solid jab. Another 10-9 round for Corcino.

Third round starts with Vargas swinging wildly again and attempts to trap Corcino in the corner, but Corcino is able to slid out of danger. Vargas looks to be the more tired fighter. Corcino lands a hard uppercut against the ropes. Very good head movement by Corcino throughout this fight, and has often made Vargas miss way off target. Corcino ducks a punch and comes up landing a hard left hook. An uppercut landed by Carcino appears to have hurt Vargas. Vargas comes in and lands his first significant punch of the night with a right hook, but it’s not enough to win him the round. 10-9 round Corcino.

Final round starts and Vargas is visibly gasping for air, he needs a knockout this round to win the fight. A right cross lands for Corcino that rocks Vargas’s head back. Corcino lands a digging left hook to the body. Corcino can cruise this round and win the fight, but he continues to throw hard shots in Vargas’ direction. Vargas is cut above his left eye and appears to be squinting. The cut over Vargas’ left eye is now dropping down his face, and it’s in an area that will often cause a fight to be stopped. Round ends with another Corcino taking it. Corcino takes the bout 40-36 on two judges’ scorecards, with the third judge scoring it 38-38.

Bout 3: Alando Swain (2-1) vs. Dwayne Lemon (0-0); 4 Rounds

The next bout is taking place in the middleweight division. Dwayne Lemon is making his professional debut and fights out of Philadelphia, PA and Alando Swain fights out of Trenton, NJ. Both fighters look to be in very good shape. Swain lands a few body shots as the fighters appear to be feeling each other out. A warning is issued by the referee to Swain to keep his punches above the belt line. Lemon has the reach advantage and is attempting to utilize his jab to take advantage of it. Swain lands some nice body shots against the ropes. Swain has Lemon trapped against the corner and I think Swain’s mouthpiece went flying out of the ring. Swain is tripped to the ground and the referee correctly rules it a trip. Swain lands a nice body, body, head combination that rocks Lemon’s head back. 10-9 round for Swain.

Second round starts with Lemon again trying to establish his jab, but Swain is able to land some hard power shots. Swain rocks Lemon’s head back with a jumping left hook and momentarily has Lemon backed against the ropes. Lemon has yet to land an effective jab and Swain has landed multiple hard body shots so far this round. Lemon is warned for hitting Swain when the referee attempted to break the fighters from a clinch. Another 10-9 round for Swain.

Third round starts and Lemon has a large amount of Vaseline on his face. Swain again lands some hard body shots on Swain in the corner. Both fighters are throwing a little less this round, but Swain again lands the cleaner and harder shots. Swain lands some thudding right hooks on Swain through his guard, and hurts Swain in the corner. Swain grabs on to stay alive. You can tell that Swain smells blood and trying to push finish the fight before the round ends. Another 10-9 round for Swain.

Fourth round starts with Lemon needing a knockout to win his professional debut. Swain is stalking Lemon around the ring. Swain lands a hard jab on Lemon again rocking his head back. Swain has Lemon trapped in the corner and Lemon isn’t throwing any punches back. Swain has been landing another series of thunderous hooks to the body. Lemon now has Swain trapped in the corner and lands some jabs and crosses, but he really needs a knockout to win the fight. A right hook goes through Swain’s guard and rocks him badly. Lemon is doing everything in his power to stay on his feet. Another 10-9 round for Swain, possibly 10-8. Swain looked impressive in this fight.

Bout 4: Bryant Jennings (7-0) vs. Mike Miller (6-18); 4 Rounds

Fourth bout is a heavyweight affair, and Mike Miller fights out of Akron Ohio and Bryant Jennings fights out of Philadelphia, PA. Jennings has the obvious reach on Miller and works his jab from the outside. Jennings lands a nice hard right hook that appears to hurt Miller. Jennings landing mainly jabs and is dancing on the outside. Miller lands a solid hook to end the round. Jennings should win this round 10-9 just by being the more active fighter.

Jennings lands some body shots on Miller to start the second round. Sold right cross by Jennings bounces off of Miller’s head. Three punch combination lands for Jennings. Jennings is keeping Miller at bay with a series of jabs and crosses. Jennings lands a solid three punch combination again on Miller. Miller lands a few punches after the bell rings. 10-9 round again for Jennings.

Jennings starts off the round landing a solid combination, and continues to land the harder punches on Miller. Miller hasn’t landed a solid punch all evening. Jennings is starting to let go with his hands and throw harder shots. 10-9 round for Jennings.

Fourth round starts off the same as the past three rounds, with Jennings landing combinations and Miller shaking them off. Solid right cross lands for Jennings, and another four punch combination. Jennings has Miller trapped in the corner and lands some shots, nothing with major power.

One judge scores it 40-35, and the other two score it 40-36, Bryant Jennings gets the victory.

Bout 5, Co-Main Event: Charles Hayward (6-2) vs. Phillip Hannah (0-5); 6 Rounds

The Co-Main event is a light heavyweight bout. Hayward staying on the outside landing some jabs and hooks. Nice outside left by Hayward, followed by a double jab. Decent three punch combination lands for Hayward. Hayward lands some decent body shots. Right hook by Hayward appears to rock Hannah against the ropes. 10-9 round for Hayward.

Hayward lands a hard right cross to begin the round. He’s letting his hands go more this round, and Hannah has a cut over his left eye. Hannah’s left eye is bruised up pretty bad. Right cross by Hayward lands forcing Hannah to go to a knee. Referee calls the doctor over to check on Hannah’s left eye. Doctor stops the fight, giving Hayward a 2nd round TKO.

Bout 6, Main Event: Derrick Webster (7-0) vs. Luis Robbinson (2-3-1) ; 6 Rounds

This Derrick Webster’s third fight with Nedal’s promotions, usually fights as a middleweight, good prospect with solid power and good speed. This is a fight being contested at the light heavyweight limit. Webster comes into the fight looking extremely confident. Webster is staying on the outside landing some jabs, appears to be trying to find his range. Crowd is clearly pro- Webster. Slower round with nothing significant landed, but Webster takes it 10-9.

Second round starts with Robbinson pressing forward more than the previous round, but Webster continues to hit him with op shot jabs. Webster talking as he’s throwing, trying to get inside of Robbinson’s head. Webster continues to throw and land his jab, doing a little showboating while landing it. Webster lands a clean hard shot that hurts Robbinson and talks some smack, and unleashes a flurry on Robbinson in the corner. Round ends with Webster jawing at Robbinson. 10-9 Webster.

Robbinson starts off the third round backing away from Webster. Webster lands a hard jab that rocks Robinsson’s head back. Webster looks to be trying to finish the fight, and lands a hard right that stumbles Robbinson. Robbinson is throwing some wild sloppy punches, and Webster easily avoids them. Robbinson looks tired, and Webster swithes from regular to southpaw. Robinson landed a hard shot that seemed to catch Webster by surprise, but not enough to win the round. 10-9 Webster.

Fourth round starts and Webster is visibly gasping for air. Robbinson is coming forward now and appears to be more confident this round. Webster lands a hard right cross that gets the crowd to it’s feet. Some blood spears to be coming out of Robbinson’s nose. Webster’s jabs are snapping Robbinson’s head back, but Robbinson answers one with a hard body shot. Better round for Robbinson but still score it in favor of Webster.

Robbinson’s corner is yelling at him to apply more pressure before the start of the fifth round. Jab by Webster violenty snaps Robbinson’s head back. Webster lands one shot at a time, and is picking Robbinson apart this round. Webster is stalking Robbinson moving him back with his jab. Right before the round ends, Webster lands a hard hook that sends Robbinson to the ground and he is out cold. Nice vicious knockout by Webster to give him the fifth round KO victory. Robbinson is on the ground for a few minutes, and is attended to by the ringside doctor. Webster’s undefeated record stays intact with a nice highlight reel knockout.

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