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Live Report: Mike Jones vs. Raul Munoz Results from Philly

By: William Holmes

Undefeated and #1 ranked welterweight by the WBC Mike Jones returns to Philadelphia to fight in front of his home town again. This card is promoted by Peltz Boxing, Top Rank, and Joe Hand Promotions, and featured some exciting matchups at the South Philly Arena.

Untelevised Bouts Quick Results

Bout #1: Felipe Almanza (19-23-3) vs. Mike Oliver (24-2); Super Bantamweight

Mike Oliver wins by unanimous decision, 58-56 on all three judges score cards.

Bout#2: Phil McCants (8-2-1) vs. Kaseem Wilson (12-2-1); Welterweight

Phil McCants wins by majority decision, 57-57, and 58-56, 58-56.

Bout #3: Miguel Cartagena (1-0) vs. Jaime Gonzalez (0-1); Bantamweight

Catagena wins by 2nd round TKO, after dropping Gonzalez twice in the first round.

Bout #4: Osnel Charles (8-2) vs. Anthony Flores (9-3-1); Junior Lightweight

Charles wins by 1st round KO. Flores was out cold for a few minutes, and oxygen had to be brought out to revive him.

Televised Bouts

Bout #5: Kenny Abril (11-3-1) vs. Yordenis Ugas (7-0); Welterweight

Cuban prospects Yordenis Ugas takes on New York native Kenny Abril in the first televised bout of the night.

Round 1: Abril starts off the fight with a couple of hard budy shots. Ugas stays behind his jab and works it throughout the round. Ugas lands some powerful shots to the body of Abril that can probably be heard from outside the building. His body shots causes Abril to begin to back away. Ugas finishes the round with a solid three punch combination. 10-9 round for Ugas.

Round 2: Ugas punches and combinations causes Abril to backpedal away from Ugas. Ugas hard crosses snap the head of Abril back. Two hooks land nicely to the head of Abril. Abril’s face is starting to show signs of bruising. Ugas has landed the harder and cleaner shots this round. 10-9 round for Ugas.

Round 3: Abril starts off the round trying to press the action and work inside, but Ugas’ punches are too powerful and precise for him to stay inside for too long. Left hand to the body and right hand to the head combination lands cleanly for Ugas. A hard overhand right that rocks Abril’s head also lands. Ugas is just too fast and precise for Abril so far. Ugas ends the round with a nice combination on Abril while he is in the corner. 10-9 round for Ugas.

Round 4: Ugas again mixing up combinations to the body and head of Abril. While going for the finish Ugas knocks Abril down. Abril looks to be hurt bad. Ugas letting loose and landing at will. Abril begins to fire back towards the end of the round, and momentarily stuns Ugas. The crowd appreciates the effort by Abril after getting knocked down. 10-8 round for Ugas.

Round 5: Abril comes out this round much more aggressive, as he needs a stoppage to win the fight. Abril lands some hard body shots on Ugas. Abril lands a three punch combination on Ugas, and the crowd seems to be getting behind him. Overhand left by Abril. Abril landing much more often this round, and is by far his best round. 10-9 for Abril.

Round 6: Abril still coming out firing, him and his corner knows he needs a stoppage to win. Ugas catches him with a hook while Abril is backing up. Two hard shots by Ugas while Abril is against the ropes. Abril’s mouthpiece falls out causing a momentarily stoppage to the fight. Ugas lands a hard left, and Abril answers with a hard uppercut. 10-9 Ugas.

Official scores are 59-54, 59-55, and 60-53 for Yordenis Ugas.

Bout #6: Glen Tapia (9-0) vs. Taronze Washington (14-15); Junior Middleweight

Round 1: Tapia starts the fight off quickly, landing some hard combinations. A right cross rocks Washington. Washington is blinking and is getting pummeled against the ropes. Washington complains about a rabbit punch, but the referee ignores his complaints. Tapia continues his assault on Washington despite Washington’s pleas for a penalty for a rabbit punch. 10-9 Tapia.

Round 2: Tapia comes out the second round throwing hard combinations again. He has Washington caught momentarily against the ropes and lands some hard shots to his body. Washington is able to block some of Tapia’s shots to his head with his arms. A left uppercut right cross combination lands hard for Tapia. A right hook snaps Washington’s head back. Round ends with Tapia dominating. 10-9 Tapia.

Round 3: Tapia landing hard body shots to open the round. Tapia appears to have stepped off the gas pedal a bit and attempt to catch his breath. He rocks Washington’s head back with a nice jab cross combination. Less action this round, but still 10-9 Tapia..

Round 4: Tapia again comes out firing, and he is landing at will. Washington finally attempts to answer Tapia’s shots, but Tapia’s punches are clearly harder and crisper. An overhand right by Tapia gets through Washington’s defense causing him to retreat. Tapia ends the round landing strong uppercuts to the chin of Washington. 10-9 Tapia

Round 5: Tapia landing hard rights cleanly. Washington tries to turn the tide of the fight and comes in hard, but Tapia catches him coming in with a hard uppercut. Tapia’s jabs are not missing at all this round. Tapia is playing the role of counter puncher this round as he repeatedly catches Washington coming in. Round ends with Washington looking badly hurt. 10-9 Tapia

Round 6: It is obvious at the start of this round that Tapia is trying to finish the fight. Tapia is connecting with quick combinations at range, and lands some blistering body shots. Washington is showing heart by staying in the fight despite getting tagged repeatedly. Hard right by Tapia catches Washington as he is coming in. 10-9 round for Tapia again, he did not lose a single round.

Official score cards have it 60-54 for Tapia on all three judges’ scorecards.

Bout #7: Raul Munoz (21-13-1) vs. Mike Jones (24-0); Welterweight

After some technical difficulties, the main event starts with the Philadelphia crowd strongly behind their hometown fighter. Light Heavyweight Champion Bernard Hopkins is ringside to support Philadelphia native Mike Jones, and the crowd gave him a large deserving round of applause earlier in the night. As Munoz comes out he unsurprisingly gets booed, and Jones gets a very loud ovation as he gets introduced. Mike Jones looks to be in incredible shape, and Raul Munoz looks a little soft in his belly.

Round 1: Mike Jones starts off the round landing a nice uppercut on Munoz. Munoz tries to press forward but misses on most of his punches. Jones is landing some nice double jabs to Munoz’s head. He follows his jabs with a hard double hook to the head of Munoz. Munoz lands a decent cross on Jones, and Jones answers with a double hook to the body of Munoz. 10-9 round for Jones.

Round 2: Munoz comes out swinging wildly but is not landing anything. Jones is very effective with his jab to start off the round. A left uppercut by Jones hurts Munoz, and a hard right by Jones drops Munoz hard. The referee calls a stop to the fight giving Jones a 2nd round TKO victory.

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1 Comment

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