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Don’t Waste Your Hope, Pacquiao-Floyd “Isn’t Gonna Happen”

Posted on 05/05/2010

On December 2, 2009 in New York City I asked Paul Williams trainer & manager George Peterson for his analysis of the supposedly forthcoming Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Super Bowl of Boxing. It was one of those times when a simple question provoked a shockingly unexpected truth. With cryptic assurance, Peterson revealed the fight would not happen but would not go into specific detail.

As it turned out, Peterson was 100% right. The fight didn’t happen. And we all know why not. So if Peterson was telling the truth that afternoon in New York City – and I have no reason not to believe him – the supposed random blood testing scheme was all just a scam used by Mayweather to get out of the fight he never wanted. And the original secret plan of Mayweather, which dated back to even before December 2, 2009, was to absolutely avoid a fight with non-American Pacquiao, by any means necessary. (Keep in mind Peterson works closely with Floyd’s advisor Al Haymon in directing the career of Paul Williams.)

Here is the original transcript of the on-the-record interview I did with George Peterson on December 2, 2009…

BoxingInsider: Who do you see winning Pacquiao vs. Floyd?
Peterson: “It’s not gonna happen.”
BoxingInsider: You don’t think so?
Peterson: “No.”
BoxingInsider: Why not?
Peterson: “It’s not a fight that’s meant to be made. That fight’s just not meant to be made.”
BoxingInsider: Why not? Everyone wants to see it?
Peterson: “A lot of people want to see it but they’re not gonna see it.”
BoxingInsider: Mayweather doesn’t want it does he?
Peterson: “Ah, that fight is not gonna be made.”
BoxingInsider: You’re saying it with a lot of certainty in your voice.
Peterson: “Yes sir. Yes sir. If it was gonna be made it would be made by now.”
BoxingInsider: Who doesn’t want to pull the trigger? (I know Mayweather is the chicken here, just want to try to get more from the source.)
Peterson: “I just don’t see it being made.”
BoxingInsider: You know something but won’t say it.
Peterson: [Smiles].
BoxingInsider: Who would win, if it was made? Just for fun?
Peterson: “It’s not gonna be made. That fight is not gonna be made.”
BoxingInsider: I hear you, it’s not even worth wasting the energy on a fight that is fantasy.
Peterson: “It’s not gonna happen.”
So as the talk rages on about Pacquiao vs. Mayweather happening in 2010, don’t get your hopes up, no matter how big the numbers eventually grow. George Peterson evidently knows something.

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