Crowd Boos As Yoan Pablo Hernandez Wins Questionable Decision Over Troy Ross

by Johnny Walker

IBF cruiserweight champion Yoan Pablo Hernandez (27-1, 13 KOs) won a controversial unanimous decision today over tough Canadian challenger Troy Ross (25-3, 16 KOs) at the Stechert Arena, in Bayern, Germany.

The fight featured terrific back-and-forth action, with both men teeing off on each other early. Toronto’s Ross, however, was landing the harder, more telling blows, and in round five he knocked Hernandez down early and had him in big trouble. Thanks to some interference being run by the referee, however, Hernandez was able to survive the round.

Both men appeared to be nearly out on their feet during periodic wicked exchanges for the rest of the fight, but again it was Ross who seemed to be getting in the more damaging shots, with Hernandez appearing to be wobbly and spaghetti-legged many times.

But Ross’s inability to put Hernandez away ended up costing him in the Cuban-born champion’s adopted home of Germany.

The judges scored the fight 114-113, 115-112, and 116-112, the last two scores being particularly egregious.

The German crowd, which had been on the side of Hernandez at the start of the fight, booed the decision and warmly applauded the Canadian as he saluted them in return.

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