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Philip H. Anselmo: Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley Preview


I just got home from a short run with my band DOWN, and it kicked ass, so my brain is simmering back to a slow boil, which is normal. I happened to catch an episode of Fightcamp 360 on ‘SHOWTIME Extreme’ the night we got home, featuring, of course- the run-up to Manny Pacquiao’s defense of the WBO welterweight title vs. 38-year old “Sugar” Shane Mosley.

As I watched both guys doing their thing in camp, it occurred to me out of the blue: ‘I don’t really give a shit about this fight… AND it still worries me”…


Because in my mind, and from the way both guys were shown preparing, Shane has no chance.

And it saddens me. I am a fan of both guys, but Shane is risking his health. That can be said of all boxers going into battle, but the fact that an old Shane is going in against Manny at his peak is a scary thing.

Photo: Tom Casino/Showtime PPV

Sure, the fight could possibly be entertaining for a couple rounds, and yes, it’s true Mosley has never been KO’d in his career, but what else does he have to offer? A puncher’s chance? Maybe. But it doesn’t seem likely. While Manny is presumably at the top of his form, it’s brutally obvious Shane is merely going through the motions. When Shane speaks, he sounds punchy, and I hate it. When he’s shown shadow boxing in the ring under the big lights and expensive cameras, he looks like an old man. I am such a fan of Shane’s it’s crazy. His career has been illustrious and action-packed. Mosley’s name could, and possibly should be engraved in Canastota one day after he retires.

I’m hoping this fight will not tarnish his legacy, because a devastating loss wouldn’t look good at career’s end. And as I watched him on TV, he looked every bit a fighter at the end of his career. No matter how much “Brother” Nazim Richardson talks of upsets, it’s tough to swallow. I cannot take the man seriously, especially after Shane’s performance vs. Phloyd Mayweather.

Meanwhile, PacMan looks insane. His hand-speed and ring-wit are a thing of vicious, dedicated brutal beauty. He’s relaxed, yet his underlying qualities of lethal destruction and insurmountable will for victory shines like the sun at noon. Freddie Roach has PacMan on his game and runs a super-tight camp, despite Manny’s love for fun and political agendas. If this fight is even competitive I’ll be very surprised. Pacquiao looks THAT good.

Photo: Tom Casino/Showtime PPV

If the entire point of the fight is to see if Manny can defeat Shane in a more devastating fashion than Mayweather, then in my eyes, we will see that very scenario unfold, dramatically or not.

But dammit, IF somehow Shane pulls this off, and defeats this PFP Filipino monster I’m describing, I’d put it right up there with one of boxing’s biggest upsets. Call me crazy, call me insane; do what thou wilt. If Shane Mosley defeats Manny Pacquiao, I will be a monkey’s uncle, no doubt about it.

But the fact is that Shane is simply too old, and too slow to get the job done. I’m glad he’ll be making a fantastic payday, but for his sake, I hope the price isn’t neurologically too steep.


Philip H. Anselmo is a musician, vocalist, songwriter for such groups as Pantera, Down, Super Joint Ritual and Arson Anthem. You can keep up with Phil’s latest music production and going-ons, including his video interview with former New Orleans Saints star Jeremy Shockey at

1 Comment

1 Comment

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