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Interview with Joe Catchpole: Revenge

By Ezio Prapotnich

19 years old southpaw Light Middleweight Joe Catchpole is the youngest member of Spencer Fearon’s Hard Knocks stable. After a year as a pro, his record stands at 3-0-1, the draw coming from his last bout against Steve Spence (2-4-2, 1 ko). His chance to erase the only “blemish” on his record will come in a rematch on Saturday 18 at York Hall, on the undercard os Summer Smash, the next Hard Knocks event. First of all, what happened in the last fight? What was the factor that prevented you from winning?

Joe Catchpole: The weight was a major issue. The fight was made at Welterweight but I have outgrown the limit. I had to lose 11lbs 7 days before the fight. I was dehydrated and felt completely drained. What weight will be the rematch at?

Joe Catchpole: It will ne at Light Middle with a 2lb allowance. I can make 11.2 comfortably, but, most importantly, I followed my diet properly this time and will be spot on for the fight. Have you made any other adjustements in order to secure the result?

Joe Catchpole: First of all, I have changed trainer and re-arranged my whole lifestyle. I established a comfortable routine, where I eat properly and allow enough rest between workouts. Everything is clicking perfectly. During this first year as a pro, you were the first one to identify head movement and defense as two areas you needed to refine. Any improvement so far?

Joe Catchpole: I have been working on these things on the pads and having quality sparring every day. I hold my hands a lot higher, slip shots more and counter with combinations. You will see a massive difference on the 18th Even though you box well on the back foot, you seem to favor a come forward/pressure approach. What style do you feel more comfortable with? are you able to switch if need be?

Joe Catchpole: Obviously, an aggressive style makes bouts more exciting and entertaining for the crowd, but, while trying to impress, I ended up leaving myself open and wasting too many shots. I learned to be smart, using my jab and firing solid shots only when i see an opening. Once I have the opponent hurt, then I will switch and storm on him to finish the job in style. Can we safely say that your days at Welter are over? Is 154 the division where you plan to achieve your professional goal?

Joe Catchpole: My days at Welter are definitely over. I feel good at 154, but, at 19 years of age, I am still growing and I could not exclude moving to 160. I do believe, though, that the current Light middleweight division is buzzing at the moment. Prince Arron is the champion, but everybody in the top ten ranking is a good fighter. I can definitely see an exciting future in there.

Summer Smash will take place at York Hall, Bethanl Green, from 6 pm onwards on Saturday the 18th of June. Tickets are £35 unreserved and £60 ringside and can be purchased on

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