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Success in Weight Loss: Get the Metabolism Moving

It is the nagging thought in millions of minds. From that moment in the morning when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror to the other in the evening, when you can finally unbutton the too-tight jeans, there are constant reminders that you need to lose those unwanted pounds. The key to doing so is to burn more calories than you eat and those are going to be ignited more quickly if you can pick up the tempo of your metabolism. So, how do you give it the needed boost? How can you prompt your body to begin the real burn?

There are several ways to get your metabolism moving and many of the suggestions may sound awfully familiar, as they are recommended time and time again to dieters and those trying to get fit.

For instance, one of the best ways to pick up the internal pace is to hit the gym. Both muscle building and high intensity workouts (such as aerobics) are very beneficial. In fact, the right workout routine can keep your metabolism running on high for hours after you finish. It requires more energy for the body to maintain muscle. That means that the more muscle you carry around, the more calories you are going to naturally burn throughout the day. Thus, if you take the time to trim and tone, it’ll pay off in more ways than one. Add to this a fast paced cardio workout and your metabolism will be roaring long after you wipe that last bead of sweat.

Whether you opt to do the workout or not, it is essential that you remain hydrated, both for weight loss and for overall well being. Did you know that more Americans do not consume enough water during the day? If you are among them, then your body is running inefficiently. The body needs oxygen and water to burn fat. If you are depriving it, then you are not losing weight as quickly as you could be. If you want to take it a step further, add some ice. It requires energy to warm ice cold liquids inside the body, that means more calories burned, just by drinking water. You don’t like drinking water? Well then, opt for ice tea or coffee, but take it black. Sweeteners and creams are only going to add to your problem. An added benefit of choosing iced coffee is that caffeine speeds the metabolism as well. However, there is such a thing as too much.

Another commonly given tip to those trying to lose weight is to eat smaller meals. Sounds ridiculous, right? After all, eating less food during meals would just leave your body hungry, right? Wrong. The metabolism can be sped up by eating smaller meals more frequently. So, you shouldn’t leave the table hungry, because you should be eating more often each day. This might mean a small cup of yogurt with granola between breakfast and lunch and apple slices with peanut butter between lunch and dinner. It might not seem like a lot, but these mini meals between meals can help you control portion size and will keep your metabolism firing at full power.

Also important in this battle is breakfast. Those who skip breakfast are setting the metabolic rate to slow for the rest of the day. It’s the worst thing you can do to yourself when trying to lose weight. That goes for the rest of the day as well. You might notice that the recommendation is to eat more often, not less. Eating too few calories during the day will slow your metabolism and devastate your long term goals. Though you might lose weight in the immediate time frame, it will be very difficult to keep it off because you are training your metabolism to move more slowly. Every little cheat takes twice as long to overcome.

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