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Vargas, Dulorme Fight To Draw, Highlighting Entertaining DAZN Card

Posted on 10/07/2018

By: Sean Crose

DAZN took to America on Saturday, offering a packed card at the Wintrust Arena in Chicago. First off on the live stream, Daniel Roman, 25-2-1, defended his WBA super bantamweight strap against
the 20-1-2 Gavin McDonnell. The first three of the scheduled twelve rounds saw Roman apparently edge his high energy opponent. As the fight creeped into the middle rounds, McDonnell looked like he might be starting to take over the tempo. Roman, however, was ultimately able to assert himself through his more accurate punching and stronger footwork.

In the sixth, Roman really started to impact his man. It looked like the end might actually be near. McDonnell, however, was a game and brave opponent. By the final portion of the bout, it was clear that Roman simply had a stronger skill set than McDonnell. In the tenth, it was over, with Roman landing hard and furiously. The California native walked out of the ring with his belt and a TKO victory in tow.

Next up, IBF light heavyweight champ, Artur Beterbiev, 12-0, defended his belt against the 17-0 Callum Johnson. Beterbiev dropped his man in the first, after Johnson seemed to come out of getting caught in the ropes. Johnson got up and survived the round. Then, shockingly, Beterbiev went down from a left in the second. Like Johnson, Beterbiev got up and survived the chapter. The third round saw both men throwing slow and heavy. So did the fourth. Beterviev was able to send his man down again at the end of that round, however. Johnson got up, but the referee smartly stopped the bout.

Next up was Jarrell Big Baby Miller. The colorful heavyweight, 21-0-1, stepped in to face Tomasz Adamek, 53-5. Miller did what he was widely expected to do – and that’s wipe his opponent out quickly. The fight lasted less than two rounds, all of it controlled by Miller, who was so much bigger and stronger it’s perfectly logical to call the match a wipe out. Likable, as always, Miller showed respect to the largely Polish crowd, and once more expressed his interest in facing Anthony Joshua for heavyweight supremacy.

It was time for the main event. The well known 28-2-1 Jessie Vargas entered the ring to face the 24-3 veteran Thomas Dulorme for the WBC silver welterweight title. The first round was close, though Dulorme seemed to have tagged his man in the final seconds. Durlorme, perhaps surprisingly, continued to look good in the second. In the third, Vargas actually seemed to a little hesitant to pull the trigger when it came to aggressive punching.

Both men started trading hard in the fourth – yet, again, Dulorme seemed to walk back to his corner the better man. The middle rounds proved to be a tight, entertaining affair, with both men landing crisply, though Vargas may have entered the eighth with the tempo working into his favor. Yet the eighth showed both men slowing down a bit. The ninth was tight. So was the tenth…until Vargas was able to drop his man. Dulorme got up and survived, but it was a huge moment for Vargas.

Things remained close again in the 11th. The 12th saw both exhausted fighters giving it their all…but it was Dulorme who made Vargas’ glove hit the canvas with a clean knockdown that told the tale. It was a VERY good fight.

The bout ended up being called a majority draw.

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Showtime Boxing Results: Charlo and Davis Win by Knockout, Broner and Vargas Draw

Posted on 04/21/2018

By: Ken Hissner

Mayweather Promotions, TGB Promotians and DiBella Entertainment on USA Showtime, at the Barclay Center, Brooklyn, NY, put on a triple header Saturday night.

In the Main Event welterweights with former WBA World Super Lightweight champion Welterweight Adrien “The Problem” Broner, 33-3-1 (24), of Cinn., OH, ended in a majority draw with former WBO World Welterweight champion Jesse “Pride of Las Vegas” Vargas, 28-2-1 (10), of Las Vegas, NV, over 12 rounds.

Photo Credit: Showtime Boxing Twitter Account

In the first round after exchanging jabs Broner landed a left hook to the chin of Vargas. After over a minute of the round Broner landed a combination to the head of Vargas. It wasn’t until under a minute left in the round that Vargas landed a stiff jab to the chin of Broner. In the second round Vargas landed his first right of the fight to the chin of Broner. Broner with hands high is only using a jab in the round up to this point. Vargas landed half a dozen punches without return. Broner just shook his head as if to say “nothing on it!” Vargas landed a 3-punch combination in taking a good round.

In the third round Vargas used a jab to the mid-section of Broner. He followed upt with a good combination before Broner landed a good combination in return. Both exchanged body shots. The pace really picked up in the round. Both were throwing punches at the bell. In the fourth round Broner counters with solid rights to the chin of Vargas. Both boxers landed well. Vargas landed a pair of rights to the head and Broner back with a right uppercut to the chin. Broner landed a good combination with Vargas countering with a right to the head at the bell.

In the fifth round Vargas continues to out work Broner until Broner rocked Vargas with a right to the chin. There was a mouse under the left eye of Vargas. Vargas landed half a dozen of unanswered punches as Broner came back just prior to the bell with a right of his own. In the sixth round Broner came out firing unlike previous rounds. Vargas landed an array of punches in what is a very good fight. Broner landed a 3-punch combination. Vargas landed a straight right to the chin of Broner who shook his head. With half a minute left Broner landed a low blow giving Vargas a half minute rest from referee Charlie Fitch.

In the seventh round Vargas comes out with a solid jab. Vargas landed a right to the chin of Broner who countered with a right of his own to the chin. Broner warned for using his elbow by referee Fitch. Broner ended the right with a right uppercut to the chin of Vargas. In the eighth round both boxers landed left hooks to the chin at same time. Broner landed Bof one another. Vargas continued landing good body shots. Vargas landed a right at the bell but was warned by referee Fitch for a late hit.

In the ninth round Broner came out dominating Vargas through the first minute. Vargas came back landing a big right to the head of Broner. Broner landed a good left hook with Vargas came back with a solid right to the chin of Broner. With half a minute left Broner turned up the heat getting the fans cheering with Broner rocking Vargas who almost looked like he was out on his feet at the bell. In the tenth round Broner went on the attack pushing Vargas back. Broner with hands to his side was trying to bait Vargas in. With half a minute left in the round Vargas landed a solid right to the head of Broner. Just prior to the bell Broner ended it landing a flurry of punches.

In the eleventh round Vargas is throwing rights to the head of Broner who is the aggressor. Broner landed a good right to the head of Vargas whose left eye is almost closed. It was a good close round. In the twelfth and final round Broner landed a good chopping right to the head of Vargas who is continuing backing up. Vargas started raising his hands at the halfway mark showboating. Vargas with less than half a minute to go landed a 3-punch combination to head and body of Broner. Broner’s new trainer Kevin Cunningham urged Broner throughout to do more. While Vargas trainer Mike “Body Snatcher” McCallum urged body work. It was an excellent fight.

Judge Lederman had it 115-113 Broner. Morgan and Marlinski had it 114-114. This writer had it 117-111 for Vargas.

Former World Super Featherweight champion southpaw Champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis, 20-0 (19), of Baltimore, MD, regained a world title when he stopped former WBA World Featherweight champion southpaw Jesus Marcelo Andres “El Jinete” Cuellar, 28-3 (21), of Bueno Aires, ARG, at 2:45 of round 3 for the WBA Super World Super Featherweight title, scheduled for 12 rounds.

In the first round Cuellar used a good jab while Davis was a little slower using his jab and a nice right uppercut to the body which may have hurt Cuellar with about a minute left in the round. Half a minute to go and Davis landed a right uppercut to the chin of Cuellar. Davis landed a good combination to the head of Cuellar right before the bell. In the second round Davis landed a lead left into the mid-section of Cuellar dropping him for the 8 count from referee Benjy Esteves, Jr. Cuellar was up and going after Davis for the remainder of the round until Davis landed a straight left to the chin of Cuellar.

In the third round after about a minute Cuellar landed a right hook to the left eye of Davis he shook his head from being hurt. Less than a minute to go in the round and Davis dropped Cuellar with his body landing three punches, body, head, body dropping him for a second time. Upon rising Cuellar had Davis all over him landing half a dozen punches with the final one a left hook to the chin dropping him for a third time in the fight causing referee Esteves, Jr. to wisely wave it off.

“I want to thank God,” said Davis. Upon being asked who he would like to fight next he answered “I would like to unify!”

Former IBF World Super Welterweight champion Jermall Charlo, 27-0 (22), of Houston, TX, knocked out Hugo “The Boss” Centeno, 26-2 (14), of Oxnard, CA, at 0:55 of the second round for interim WBC World Middleweight title, 12 rounds.

In the first round Charlo came forward with a lot of feinting while Centeno was using his jab. It was into the final minute of the feeling out round before Charlo landed a double jab. The referee Steve Willis was slow breaking up the numerous clinches. In the second round Charlo landed a chopping right followed by another right and a left hook that had Centeno hurt, clash of heads and a left having Centeno going down and another right putting him on his back. Referee Willis didn’t have to count but did.

“I first want to thank God for who I wouldn’t be here without. Also, thank my manager, Al Haymon. I want Triple GGG, lets get it on,” said Charlo.

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Golovkin and Alvarez Battle to a Disputed Draw at the T-Mobile Arena in Vegas Saturday

Posted on 09/17/2017

By: Ken Hissner

WBA, WBC and IBF world champion Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, 37-0-1 (33), from KZ now fighting out of L.A. kept his titles against former super welterweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, 49-1-2 (34), of Guadalajara, MEX, after receiving only a disputed draw Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena. Golden Boy Promotions representing Alvarez and K2 representing Golovkin were the co-promoters.

Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale/USA Today

When the champion Golovkin entered the ring first you knew he would need a knockout to win. After four even rounds with Alvarez back pedaling throughout and Golovkin chasing the champion would take rounds four through eleven using an effective jab and pinning Alvarez to the ropes each round.

Alvarez knowing he was behind finally made it the war that was predicted by his promoter Oscar De La Hoya in the final round. What seemed like a solid win for Golovkin started with the announcement of Judge Byrd 118-110 in favor of Alvarez. Between her and her husband referee Robert Byrd both should be put into retirement by the NV commission. In favor of Golovkin was judge Moretti at 115-113 with the final judge Trella calling it 114-114. This writer had Golovkin well ahead 117-111. Was a rematch scheduled prior to the fight? Kenny Bayliss was the referee.

Alvarez never lived up to the hype he got and fought like a super welterweight not a middleweight like the champion Golovkin who is truly one of the two best boxers in the world. How Alvarez who ran for eleven rounds could be given a draw only fighting the final round trying to pull out a win was a wonder only in boxing. Golovkin’s manager Tom Loeffler who also manages Roman Gonzalez had was the advisor for the Klitchko’s was not a happy camper let along his pride and joy Golovkin who fought more like a Mexican warrior than the Mexican Alvarez.
NABF Super bantamweight champion Randy “El Matador” Ballero, 24-1 (14), of Coachella, CA, lost his title big time to Diego De La Hoya, 25-0 (9), of Mexicali, MEX, 100-90 and 98-92 twice as did this writer have it.

Lightweight Ryan “Blue Chip” Martin, 20-0 (11) of Chattanooga, TN, now out of Cleveland, OH, easily defeated US debuting Francisco Rojo, 20-3 (13), of Mexico City, MEX, by split decision over 10 rounds. Scores for Martin were 96-93 and 95-94 while Rojo somehow got a 98-91 score. This writer had it 97-92 for Martin. Martin lost a point for a low blow in the ninth round after four warnings by referee Russell Mora in the last two rounds. Martin won the vacant WBA Inter-Continental title and retained his WBC Continental Americas title.

Martin is managed by David McWater who has some 20+ boxers in his stable of prospects and contenders.

Featherweight southpaw Joseph Diaz, Jr. 25-0 (13), of Downey, CA, impressed in an easy win over game Rafael Rivera, 25-1-2 (16), of Tijuana, MEX, what looked like a shutout from this writers perspective. Tony Weeks was the referee.

How Nevada continues to get these big fights one has to wonder. No one shows up in the stands until the co-feature. The referee’s and judges are far from the best so why do they get these title bouts on HBO PPV or Showtime PPV? The event aired four bouts with not one knockdown in any of those bouts. Where was the excitement?

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Terrific Canelo-Golovkin Fight Ends In A Draw

Posted on 09/17/2017

By: Sean Crose

Leading up to Gennady Golovkin’s fight with Canelo Alvarez this weekend, it seemed like any outcome might be possible. Golovkin (37-0-1), of course, was seen by some as being on the road to taking his man out. Yet more than a few thought it would be Canelo (49-1-2) who would take out Golovkin before the final bell on Saturday evening at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas. There were those who also believed that Golovkin would best his man on the judge’s cards while others believed it would be Canelo who would ultimately be awarded a victory from the judges. Again, any outcome seemed possible leading up to tonight’s middleweight title bout.

Photo Credit: USA Today

Except, of course, a draw.

And that’s what Canelo’s terrific fight with Golovkin ended up being ruled – a draw. Many took to Twitter immediately after the match to express unhappiness. Indeed, both fighters were less than happy after the decision was read. This was to be expected, however. Fortunately, though, a top level fight was expected, as well…and that’s exactly what the fans got. Canelo started off looking razor sharp, avoiding Golovkin’s best shots while landing clean on his own. This author gave the Mexican star the first three rounds right off the bat. As the fight moved on, however, Golovkin began to find his mark – over and over again. Sure enough, the hard hitting Kazakh put himself in the driver’s seat leading into the championship rounds.

Golovkin was able to accomplish this impressive feat by hunting, always hunting. The man simply never stopped coming forward, patiently and effectively, cutting off the ring and taking it to Canelo in a way that may not have been explosive, but was quite effective nonetheless. Yet Canelo kept landing impressive shots throughout the fight. Those shots were showy, extremely well delivered and powerful to have probably knocked out anyone other fighter than Golovkin. Unfortunately for Canelo, it was Golovkin himself who he was facing this evening. That meant the kinds of shots that flattened James Kirkland and Amir Khan had little to no effect on the man before him. It was, to be sure, easy to give each man his due after the final rounds came and went.

And ultimately, that’s what happened. Each man got his due. Yet at the same time, neither man got his due for a top notch performance. Dave Moretti gave the fight to Golovkin by a score of 115-113. Don Trella scored it 114 even. And Adalaide Byrd continued to damage a shaky reputation by giving the bout to Canelo by the outrageous score of 118-110.

Unfortunately, Byrd’s score put a damper on a brilliant night of boxing. People had great expectations for this long awaited superbout and the superbout delivered. Clearly, a rematch is in order.

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