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Daniel Jacobs Vs. Jaime Munguia In The Works

Posted on 03/30/2022

By: Hans Themistode

As of late, Jaime Munguia’s heart, will, and desire to become a world champion has been questioned by even his most loyal fans.

The former WBO junior middleweight titlist opted to take a much slower route on his way to a world title at 160 pounds. Although he was initially ranked the number one fighter in the WBO sanctioning body since 2020, Munguia spent the better part of the past two years gaining experience in his newfound home.

With wins over Gary O’Sullivan, Tureano Johnson, Kamil Szeremeta, Gabe Rosado, and D’Mitrius Ballard – Munguia was ordered to take on fellow highly ranked contender, Janibek Alimkhanuly, for the WBO interim crown. However, Munguia ultimately passed on the offer in lieu of a showdown against WBC titleholder, Jermall Charlo.

While both Charlo and Munguia agreed to terms, promotional and network differences saw their contest officially fall by the wayside. In addition to losing out on both title showdowns, Munguia also removed himself from a WBC world title eliminator against Carlos Adames.

Although the moves of team Munguia were perplexing, it appears as though he may have found his next opponent. BoxingInsider.com has confirmed that representatives from team Munguia are attempting to finalize a deal that would see the 25-year-old take on former two-time middleweight titlist, Daniel Jacobs.

Despite Jacobs moving up in weight in 2019, the two could square off at a catchweight of 164 pounds. Team Jacobs also revealed to BoxingInsider.com that they “love” the idea of facing Munguia next.

For the 35-year-old former titlist, the latter part of his career has been plagued with inactivity and disappointing performances. In December of 2019, Jacobs made a splash in his 168-pound debut, easily stopping Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. However, in his following ring appearance, Jacobs momentum came to a screeching halt.

In what was expected to be a relatively easy night at the office, Jacobs struggled mightily against journeymen, Gabriel Rosado. Jacobs may have ultimately eked out the victory, but many were dumbfounded when it was revealed that he was actually given the nod.

Since the controversial outcome, Jacobs was embroiled in even more controversy. The New York native ended his near year and a half spell of inactivity on the sidelines by traveling halfway across the world to take on John Ryder at the Alexandra Palace, in the United Kingdom.

While Jacobs started strong, Ryder rallied back in the second half, resulting in a controversial split decision win.

Still, even with Jacobs producing less than stellar results as of late and coming off a loss at the hands of Ryder, team Jacobs believes that the former two-time titlist will be “100%” for his possible showdown against Munguia.

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Daniel Jacobs Vs. Jermall Charlo: Oh What Could’ve Been

Posted on 02/16/2022

By: Hans Themistode

The night was supposed to be all about Deontay Wilder. The Tuscaloosa, Alabama native had a point to prove to everyone. Sure he was the proud owner of the WBC heavyweight crown and no one questioned whether or not he was a violent puncher but many were unsure if he had what it takes to defeat all comers.

On March 3th, 2018, in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, both Wilder and Cuban star Luis Ortiz waged war in the middle of the ring. Ortiz did what he always does, boxed well from the outside, and landed the sort of punches that put normal men down. Wilder though, weathered every bit of that heavyweight storm before scoring the knockout blow in the tenth.

While the fireworks in the ring were memorable, backstage, more blows appeared on the verge of taking place.

For years, both Daniel Jacobs and Jermall Charlo traded words over social media and whenever a camera was present. Ironically enough, both men were in attendance on the night. Crossing each other’s path didn’t appear likely, however. Charlo took in the Wilder vs. Ortiz sights from his ringside view, while Jacobs was several feet away doing the same.

Neither man appeared to notice the other and everyone was well on their way to exiting the arena. But, in what’s become the norm in boxing, several media members gathered around Charlo for interviews.

For the most part, the topic of their initial conversation centered around Hugo Centeno Jr. Charlo was originally set to take on the fringe contender for the WBC interim middleweight crown on February 23rd but their contest was postponed due to a rib injury suffered by Centeno Jr.

A normally pugnacious Charlo had no bad words to say about his future opponent and simply wished him a speedy recovery.

Ultimately, the mood changed the moment Jacobs’ name was mentioned. Although Charlo had already signed on the dotted line to face Centeno Jr. and despite Jacobs having his own date lined up with Maciej Sulecki, Charlo was anxious to push both of their already agreed upon opponents out of the way in order to make their contest a reality.

“I’m looking for him right now,” said Charlo in reference to Jacobs during an interview with a group of reporters. “Where he at? I’m in Brooklyn. If Jacobs wanna fight, let’s fight. Let’s skip the Centeno fight, he ain’t gotta take his next fight either.”

Moments after asking the whereabouts of Jacobs, the former middleweight titlist appeared.

At first, Jacobs didn’t seem to notice Charlo. A smiling Jacobs sauntered calmly through the back area of the Barclays Center, with an expensive button-down shirt revealing a gold chain underneath. As he glanced over at Charlo, his smile widened.

“I came at the perfect time,” said Jacobs as he immediately moved past every media member to step directly in front of Charlo. “I’m just trying to figure out what we doing?”

The contentious fulmination only continued as Jacobs took exception to some of the storylines surrounding their possible showdown. With Charlo closely aligned with Showtime and Jacobs partnering up with HBO and leaving Showtime in the dust, the Brooklyn product accentuated his bank account and current payroll as a reason why he decided to ultimately leave the prominent network.

“Bro, you ain’t even touch an M (million) yet,” said Jacobs as they continued to argue. “I’m touching M’s, That’s why I made my way to HBO.”

Curse words filled the back arena and tensions flared. Security quickly came in to separate the two but before going their separate ways, they shook hands. The boxing world began salivating over their possible showdown.

Weeks went by with no word of a possible deal taking place. The proposed skipping of their immediate opponents proved to be spurious as well as Jacobs easily outboxed Sulecki and Charlo brutally stopping Centeno Jr. one week prior.

The weeks turned to months, and ultimately into years. The pair continued to fight in the exact same weight class during most of that tenure. Charlo carved out his own name, eventually being elevated to full WBC titleholder, while Jacobs would win the IBF crown against Sergiy Derevyanchenko in 2018.

Even with Jacobs losing a close unanimous decision against Canelo Alvarez in May of 2019, the boxing world was anxious for the pair to step into the ring with one another. Fast forward four long years since that March 4th confrontation and fans of the pugilistic sport, who seldom agree on anything, can admit to one thing…their contest will never happen. Or, at this point, who truly cares if it does?

The proverbial tombstone in their explosive showdown was officially placed this past weekend. Jacobs, now 35, lost a close split decision against John Ryder, roughly a year and a half following a lackluster and unimpressive victory over fringe contender Gabe Rosado at 168 pounds.

Jacobs looked slower and uninspiring. His once pernicious punching power never appeared throughout the night, and his overall skills had eroded.

You see, boxing has a tendency to do this, more times than not. Two violent and dangerous punchers at the top of their games who absolutely loathe each other would’ve given fans what they wanted to see. At this point, their contest has officially gone by the wayside.

Charlo, 31, appears to have plenty left in the tank and still has his waist laced in middleweight gold. A showdown between himself and Jacobs though, is nothing more than a mismatch, one that will play on the feelings of fight fans as they attempt to recapture their imagination from their 2018 confrontation.

The boxing world will do what it always does in this scenario. Shrug its shoulders and chalk it up as another missed opportunity, placing another high stakes, highly anticipated matchup in the trash bin next to Riddick Bowe vs. Lennox Lewis, Shane Mosley vs. Felix Trinidad, George Foreman vs. Earnie Shavers, and countless other must-see matchups that never took place.

Charlo vs. Jacobs doesn’t quite live up to those all-time great fights or the expectations that were placed upon them. Still, the overall outcome is the same. It was a fight the fans wanted, craved, and begged for. But of course, boxing gave us all the middle finger. Now, as we officially place our attention elsewhere, we’ll be forced to think, what could’ve been.

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John Ryder Stuns Daniel Jacobs, Scores Upset In London

Posted on 02/12/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Daniel Jacobs admitted that he was disappointed in his performance in his last ring appearance against Gabriel Rosado. While Jacobs was tabbed and expected to walk right through his man, he struggled throughout before eking out a close split decision victory.

With Jacobs taking a bit of time off to reset, the former IBF middleweight champion claimed that he was both mentally and physically prepared to make a statement against John Ryder. However, following 12 rounds of mostly mundane action, Jacobs found himself on the wrong end of the scorecards.

Jacobs came out fired up as he made his ring walk, while Ryder’s fans rained boo’s upon the foreigner. Before the opening bell rang, Jacobs stood in the center of the ring and waited for Ryder to meet him there. Although Jacobs came meaning business, he quickly retreated the moment the first round got going.

The Brooklyn native boxed on his back foot and appeared content with landing one shot at a time. Ryder though, knew good and well that he had to get on the inside. With each attempt, however, Jacobs simply stuck a strong jab directly in his face then slipped out of the way of Ryder’s return fire.

It was much of the same in the second period. Jacobs glided effortlessly from orthodox to southpaw, leaving Ryder bemused by what was taking place in front of him. There was no sense of urgency from Jacobs, even after he connected on numerous unanswered shots.

In rounds three and four, Ryder placed his hands up high and marched forward. Jacobs though, continued to move around the ring smoothly. He pumped out his ever-consistent jab but it bounced meaninglessly off the gloves of the British warrior. A consistent attack to the body pushed Jacobs back into the ropes but the former titlist dealt with the pressure of the rough and rugged contender just fine.

As the midway point of their contest came rolling by, a smiling Jacobs waltzed to the center of the ring. However, moments later, Ryder gave him nothing to smile about. Several right hands by the shorter 168 pound contender caught the attention of Jacobs. Seemingly, with the moment in his corner, Ryder continued to push the pace in the seventh.

The once quick feet of Jacobs appeared to be moving in quicksand as he was unable to hit and move like he once was in the first few rounds. Ryder attacked the midsection, landed straight lefts, and physically leaned on Jacobs over and over again.

On wobbly legs and a bruised right eye, Jacobs was no longer fleet of foot. He stood his ground against the ropes and fought on the inside, something that Ryder accepted with open arms. For the duration of their contest, Ryder dictated the pace and forced Jacobs to fight uncomfortably.

Seemingly stunned on several occasions, Jacobs did manage to make the final bell with relative ease. But, despite doing so, Jacobs was none too pleased with the final decision. Judge Marcus McDonnell believed Jacobs did just enough to leave the arena with his hand raised in victory, scoring it 115-113 in his favor.

Ultimately, McDonnell was overruled by Mike Fitzgerald and Jean-Robert Lane, who scored it 115-113 in favor of Ryder. An elated Ryder jumped into the air the moment the decision was made, officially securing the biggest victory of his career.

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Daniel Jacobs Is Eager To Run Things Back With Canelo Alvarez At Super Middleweight: “I Wouldn’t Be Drained Of Weight”

Posted on 02/10/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Daniel Jacobs always believed he was placed at an unfair disadvantage. Yet, in order to get the fight he always wanted, Brooklyn’s Jacobs maintains that he had no choice.

Heading into his showdown against Canelo Alvarez in May of 2019, Jacobs was confident in his ability to hand the Mexican star only the second defeat of his career. In the process, Jacobs looked forward to stripping him of his WBA and WBC middleweight crowns.

Although Jacobs managed to make the 160 pound weight limit, he refused to acquiesce to the demands of team Alvarez and their weight stipulations. Originally, Jacobs signed off on a ten-pound weight rehydration clause. But, despite initially agreeing, Jacobs came in at 173.6 pounds the night of the fight. Due to Jacobs’ failure to make the weight, he was fined roughly $250,000 per pound he was over the 170 pound mark. Meaning, Jacobs was forced to hand team Alvarez $1 million in fines.

Though Jacobs came in as the larger man, he would go on to lose a competitive decision against Alvarez on the night. Since losing his IBF world title, Jacobs has decided against squeezing down to 160 pounds and instead, moved eight pounds north to the super middleweight division.

So far so good for the former titlist, as he’s picked up back-to-back victories since making the move. Currently, Jacobs’ new division has a familiar face at the top as Alvarez has snagged every 168 pound world title. With Jacobs gunning for his second championship reign, he believes that if a rematch against Alvarez were to take place, things would be much different this time around.

“Canelo is one of the best fighters of our generation,” said Jacobs to a group of reporters. “For me, being at a different weight class, being 100% healthy. I would have the physical advantage simply because I wouldn’t be drained of weight. I had to go through a lot making 160 pounds so that’s why I moved up.”

As badly as Jacobs would love to get a bit of retribution, a rematch with Alvarez is the furthest thing from his mind. This coming Saturday night, at Alexandra Palace in the United Kingdom, Jacobs will attempt to pick up his third consecutive victory when he takes on John Ryder.

Having been out of the ring since a controversial split decision win over journeymen Gabriel Rosado in November of 2020, Jacobs is anxious to re-establish himself as an elite fighter.

“My main goal is Saturday night, getting the cobwebs out, showing the fans that the miracle man is back, and moving forward from that point on.”

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Eddie Hearn Gives His Honest Thoughts On Daniel Jacobs: “If He Loses To John Ryder, That’s The End Of His Career”

Posted on 01/07/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA

Daniel Jacobs has always found his name near the top of the middleweight division. After watching his transient IBF title reign come to an end at the hands of Canelo Alvarez in 2019, Jacobs made the move to abandon the one weight class he’s known his entire career.

As of now, the New York native has enjoyed his newfound success as a super middleweight but his performances have left much to be desired. In December of 2020, Jacobs scored a fifth-round stoppage win over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. In his next ring appearance, Jacobs was viewed as a heavy favorite against fringe contender Gabriel Rosado. Yet, despite the backing of the betting public, Jacobs struggled mightily with the Philadelphia native. While he would ultimately go on to pick up the split decision win, Jacobs has been embroiled in controversy as many believe Rosado was given a raw deal.

With two victories at 168 pounds now under his belt, Jacobs is set to return to the ring against John Ryder. The two are officially set to square off on February 12th, at Alexandra Palace in London.

Although Jacobs has enjoyed a long and fruitful career, according to promoter Eddie Hearn, if the former two-time middleweight champion fails to live up to his normally lofty standards, it could mean the light at the end of his boxing tunnel is within striking distance.

“For Danny Jacobs, it’s must win,” said Hearn during an interview with Matchroom Boxing. “If he loses in London to John Ryder, I think that’s the end of his career.”

For the 33-year-old Ryder, he’ll look to put further distance between himself and what he believes was a robbery during his showdown against Callum Smith in 2019. Despite Smith being tabbed as head and shoulders above his man, the former WBA 168 pound titlist was given all he could handle. Although Smith managed to retain his world title, Ryder was incredulous with the final result.

Since his controversial defeat, Ryder has reeled off two consecutive victories, including a fifth-round stoppage win over Jozef Jurko in September of 2021.

Presently, considering his recent form, Ryder will saunter into his showdown against Jacobs extremely confident. Still, while Hearn views Ryder as a live dog, he urges the super middleweight contender to look past the lackluster performance of Jacobs and take the former titleholder seriously.

“Danny Jacobs performance against Rosado was under par but Danny Jacobs is an elite super middleweight. He’s a world-class fighter and he’ll be looking to make a big statement. John Ryder will need to produce the performance of his career to beat Daniel Jacobs.”

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Daniel Jacobs Vs. John Ryder Set For February 12th Clash

Posted on 12/20/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Daniel Jacobs will look to bounce back from a subpar performance as he’s officially set to take on John Ryder.

As first reported by Sports Illustrated, both sides have agreed to a deal that will see them square off in the main event on February 12th, in London on DAZN.

Ryder, 33, will look to build upon his current two-fight win streak when he takes on Jacobs. Following his controversial unanimous decision loss to Callum Smith in November of 2019, Ryder saw his stock skyrocket. With many in boxing circles believing the rough and rugged contender did more than enough to snag the victory, Ryder has simply shrugged off the disappointing outcome to reel off two straight victories.

In September of 2021, his only appearance of the year, Ryder violently stopped journeymen Jozef Jurko in the fifth round of their showdown. Although Ryder has swapped fists with several former world champions, including Smith and former two-division titlist, Billy Joe Saunders, Jacobs figures to be quite possibly the most difficult challenge of his career.

Since watching his transient middleweight title reign come to an end at the hands of Canelo Alvarez in May of 2019, Jacobs has made a successful transition to the super middleweight division. Officially, the New York native has picked up back-to-back victories at 168 pounds. However, his most recent trip to the ring ended in controversy.

Though he was pegged as a significant favorite against fringe contender Gabriel Rosado in November of 2020, Jacobs struggled mightily throughout. Still, despite what many believed was a clear win for Rosado, Jacobs eked out a close split decision victory. Shortly after, Jacobs admitted that his contentious rivalry with Rosado clouded his better judgment in their contest, leading to his poor performance.

With Jacobs now reunited with long-time head trainer Andre Rozier, the former middleweight titlist will look to emerge as a top contender at 168 pounds with a victory over Ryder.

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Joe Smith Jr. Vs. Daniel Jacobs Reportedly Planned For The First Quarter Of 2022

Posted on 07/12/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Joe Smith Jr. is currently lining up his next two fights, one of which, would see him face Daniel Jacobs.

After taking down Maxim Vlasov via majority decision earlier this year, Smith Jr. celebrated his first world title win. Now, for his next act, the Long Island native is reportedly finalizing a two-fight deal, the first of which would come against mandatory challenger Umar Salamov. The Russian native has reeled off seven straight wins since suffering the lone defeat of his career against Damien Hooper.

Seemingly confident in his ability to pick up the win, Smith Jr. already has his next opponent lined up. Should the newly crowned WBO light heavyweight belt holder do what many are expecting, he’ll find himself up against fellow New Yorker, Daniel Jacobs.

As first reported by ESPN’s Mike Coppinger, Jacobs vs. Smith Jr. would take place during the first quarter of 2022. The all New York showdown would presumably go down at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden.

News of the soon to be announced agreement comes as somewhat of a surprise. For most of his career, Jacobs campaigned at the middleweight division. His tenure at the land of 160 was extremely successful as he held the WBA “Regular” and IBF crowns.

After coming up short in a unification bout against Canelo Alvarez in May of 2019, Jacobs moved up to the super middleweight division seven months later. In his debut, Jacobs easily got rid of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. via fifth-round stoppage. He then followed that up with a less than stellar performance against fringe contender, Gabe Rosado. Although Jacobs would ultimately pick up the split decision win, he openly admitted that it wasn’t his best performance in the ring.

Both Jacobs and Smith Jr. grew up around the New York area and attended many of the same amateur tournaments. Being completely candid about the reverence that he currently has for Jacobs, Smith Jr. confessed that he looked up to his soon to be opponent for years.

Now, if he’s able to take care of business against Salamov, Smith Jr. will step into the ring against the man he’s always admired.

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Daniel Jacobs: “We Tried To Fight Charlo In His Last Fight But To No Avail”

Posted on 06/29/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Fans were none too pleased when Jermall Charlo vs. Juan Macias Montiel was announced. The prevailing thought process surrounding their contest was that Charlo would simply bulldoze right over his man.

Despite those thoughts, both Charlo and Montiel actually produced a fan-pleasing fight as the two went to war for 12 rounds at the Toyota Center, in Houston Texas on June 19th. Ultimately, Charlo would go on to win via wide unanimous decision. While few are complaining about how their showdown unfolded, Daniel Jacobs, long-time rival of Charlo, revealed that he initially attempted to lock in a date with the Houstonian to settle their beef once and for all.

“What you don’t know is that we tried to fight Charlo in his last fight but to no avail,” said Jacobs during an interview with FightHype.com. “He has to do what’s best for him. No hard feelings from me, we have big plans that I can’t yet reveal but we got something cooking.”

Charlo, 31, has long wanted to get his hands on the Brooklyn, New York native. After constant back and forth trash talk for quite some time, the pair nearly came to blows several years ago. Jacobs stepped right into the face of Charlo during a heated confrontation. The two ended the night by agreeing to face each other in the ring sometime soon. That, of course, has yet to happen.

As for what Jacobs could be alluding to when he mentions “big plans,” the former middleweight titlist is rumored to be in the running for a showdown against WBO light heavyweight titlist, Joe Smith Jr.

The cancer survivor is coming off a controversial split decision win over Gabriel Rosado in November of 2020.

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Daniel Jacobs vs. Joe Smith Jr. Possibly Next

Posted on 05/20/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Promoter Eddie Hearn is doing all he can to get former middleweight champion, Daniel Jacobs, one of the biggest fights of his career.

According to reporter Mike Coppinger, Hearn revealed to him several weeks ago, that he fully intended on making a multi-million dollar offer to WBO light heavyweight champion, Joe Smith Jr. Staying true to his word, Hearn did, in fact, send an offer to the Long Island native. Seemingly happy with the terms of the agreement, Smith Jr. appears to be fully on board.

“Just got word from my team that there’s an offer to fight Daniel Jacobs,” said Smith Jr. on his Instagram account. “I love this fight, especially in New York.”

The possible showdown between Smith Jr. and Jacobs comes as somewhat of a surprise. After defeating Maxim Vlasov earlier this year for the vacant WBO title, promoter Bob Arum stated on numerous occasions that he would immediately schedule a unification showdown against WBC/IBF champion, Artur Beterbiev.

Yet, with an unexpected offer to face Jacobs, Smith Jr. appears more than willing to turn his attention towards him. More than anything, facing his fellow New York native allows Smith Jr. to take a trip down memory lane.

“Growing up fighting in the amateurs, there were two fighters, Danny and Will Rosinsky, that I loved going to see fight. Every time I got the opportunity to see them fight, they would destroy their opponent and I learned a lot about the sport of boxing from watching them. I never got the chance to face them in the amateurs due to them being a little older than I was. Unfortunately, when the time came that I was ready, they had become professionals.

In 2015, I got the opportunity to face Will at the Barclay’s Center and to me, it has been one of my biggest accomplishments as a fighter. I learned so much that night.”

As for Jacobs, a move to the light heavyweight division could see his run as a super middleweight short-lived. After losing his IBF middleweight title against Canelo Alvarez in May of 2019, Jacobs grew tired of squeezing his enormous frame down to the 160-pound limit and instead, moved up in weight. The trek eight pounds north has proved to be successful thus far as Jacobs has picked up back-to-back wins against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Gabriel Rosado. The latter, however, ended controversially as most of the boxing world believed Rosado should have been given the nod.

Regardless of just arriving in his new weight class roughly a year and a half ago, Jacobs appears ready to move up. By all accounts, Smith Jr. is set to welcome him with open arms. Not only would a win over the former 160-pound belt holder net him one of the biggest wins of his career, but more importantly, it will allow Smith Jr. to put to bed the one question that has been on his mind since he was a young child.

“I would love to face Danny to end that thought of what if we fought? In my mind as a kid.”

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Daniel Jacobs: “I Want To Be A Hall Of Famer, I Think It Would Solidify It If I Became A Two Division Belt Holder”

Posted on 05/15/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Despite the big wins and world titles currently sitting on his mantle, Daniel Jacobs always takes the time to sit back and reflect on how far he’s come.

After being diagnosed in 2011 with osteosarcoma, a common bone cancer, Jacobs has gone on to become a multiple division world champion and has shared the ring with some of boxing’s biggest names, including Gennadiy Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez.

At the age of 33, Jacobs is fully aware that he’s much closer to the end of his career as opposed to the beginning. Still, that doesn’t mean the New York native has any intentions of hanging up his gloves anytime soon.

“I would say I have at least a good three or four years in me left,” said Jacobs during an interview with Brian Custer on the Last Stand Podcast. “I’ve had a tremendous career and I look forward to building my legacy.”

In building his legacy, Jacobs (37-3, 30 KOs) has a bit of refurbishing to do. The switch hitter put on an uninspiring performance against journeymen Gabriel Rosado in his most recent ring appearance. Heading into their showdown, the prevailing thought process was that Jacobs was simply too fast, too strong and flat out too good for Rosado. Regardless of that notion, Jacobs struggled mightily before eking out a highly controversial split decision.

With several months to analyze his performance, Jacobs admits that it wasn’t his proudest moment in the ring. With that said, there were certain factors behind his lackadaisical approach.

“My last performance wasn’t my best performance,” continued Jacobs. “I hate to really make excuses but there were a lot of things going into that fight. I mentally couldn’t be at my best.”

Putting his recent outing to the side, Jacobs believes he has plenty to be proud of. He’s picked up several notable wins against the likes of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Sergiy Derevyanchenko and Peter Quillin. The New York native is now campaigning at super middleweight, and is currently riding a two fight win streak. Considering the names already plastered to his resume, Jacobs believes that if he can simply win another world title in his new home, he will have done enough to reach his ultimate goal.

“I want to be a Hall of Famer. I think it would solidify it if I became a two-division belt holder. Also, if I fought some of the key names. I just really want to give the best version of myself. When my career is done, I want to look back and say I gave it my all and I gave my life to the sport of boxing. I want to be proud of what I’ve done.”

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Gabriel Rosado On Controversial Daniel Jacobs Loss: “I Won The Fight, That Man Didn’t Do Nothing To Me”

Posted on 11/30/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Things got pretty confusing following the end of Gabriel Rosado vs Daniel Jacobs this past weekend. After witnessing what many believed was a close decision win for Rosado, he was left incredulous when the judges gave the split decision nod to Jacobs instead.

MULVANE, KS – NOVEMBER 17: Luis Arias and Gabriel Rosado during their bout on November 17, 2018 at the Kansas Star Casino. (Photo by Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA)

What made things truly confusing is when the announcer stated “from Philadelphia,” before saying the name Daniel Jacobs. The problem is that Rosado is from Philadelphia, not Jacobs. It may have been a simple mistake that was quickly fixed, but for Rosado, he believes they got it right the first.

“They said from Philadelphia and I raised my hands up and then next you know he won,” said Rosado following following the loss. “He was even surprised but Yo I felt I won the fight. I surprised him. I outboxed him, out jabbed him, I countered him, I made him miss big shots. That man didn’t do nothing to me.”

According to the official numbers, Rosado’s words don’t exactly ring true. In terms of jabs, Rosado held the edge by only one, 22 to 23. Both men landed the same amount of shots to the body, 78-78 and it was Jacobs who held the small edge in terms of power punches landed, 56-55.

The passive and tentative manner in which both fighters fought was a far cry from how they predicted their contest would go down.

With bad blood written all over this event, Jacobs promised to hurt Rosado for the nonstop trash talking that he had thrown in his direction for years. Rosado also promised fireworks, yet, from the opening bell there was nothing explosive about their contest. Instead of a back and forth slugfest, a slow, lackluster fight took place.

Following their 12 dull rounds, Jacobs admitted to getting caught up in the emotions and tried too hard to knock Rosado out. For Rosado though, that was exactly what he was expecting and Jacobs fell right into his trap.

“I’m a veteran so I let the emotions get to him. I let him get caught up but I fought a disciplined fight, a veteran fight, a world-class fight. This guy went to battle with GGG (Gennadiy Golovkin), this guy went to battle with Canelo Alvarez and I made it look easy”

With the loss to Jacobs representing the 13th of his career, Rosado has won just four of his past 14 fights. That in turn has left him completely clueless as to what he’ll do next.

“I don’t know man. I’m a veteran. I don’t know why they didn’t give me a decision, I thought I won. I put on a boxing lesson.”

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Daniel Jacobs: “I want All The Champions In The Super Middleweight Division”

Posted on 11/28/2020

By: Hans Themistode

With years of nonstop trash talk coming from Gabriel Rosado, paired with numerous occasions in which both men nearly said forget the gloves to get it on right on the spot, former middleweight champion Daniel Jacobs simply couldn’t find his motivation when the two met in the main event slot at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

Jacobs, 33, was viewed as head and shoulders above Rosado. According to oddsmakers, a stoppage win was expected to take place as he was tabbed a -3000 favorite. Meaning, to win $100 you would have to bet $3,000 on a Jacobs victory.

Yet, despite the odds, the New York native struggled with his Philadelphia rival. The incentive for Jacobs was there but after 12 lackluster rounds, the former two-time middleweight belt holder admitted that the motivation wasn’t there after all.

“I guess a C minus, C plus,” said Jacobs when asked to grade his performance during the post-fight interview. “Definitely wasn’t my best performance or best outing. I wasn’t as aggressive or as fluent as I wanted to be with letting my hands go. I guess I must’ve got caught up with wanting the knockout. It was just one of those days. I guess in boxing your head needs to be 100 percent in the game and I just don’t think I was 100 percent in the game but my experience allowed me to get the victory tonight.”

For Jacobs, his contest against Rosado was the second in the super middleweight division. Although Jacobs (37-3, 30 KOs) was a two-time champion one weight class lower, the Brooklyn product said on numerous occasions that he wanted to slowly get acclimated to life in his new weight class.

Following his unimpressive win against Rosado though, Jacobs believes two fights and one full year at 168 pounds is more than enough time to get adjusted and would like to move on to the elite level of the division.

“I think I can go ahead and partake with some of the big names in the division. I want all the champions in the super middleweight division. Just because I had one lackluster performance doesn’t mean that next time around against better opposition, someone who is going to throw more punches, someone who is going to be actually in there to win is going to cause for a better show.”

With his feud with Rosado now seemingly behind him, Jacobs guarantee’s to be a much better version of himself the next time around. His showing isn’t something that he is proud of but with that being said, Jacobs believes there could be a silver lining.

“I think this is my opportunity even with this performance. Hopefully, a lot of guys would like to fight me based off this performance but I expect to be 100 percent come next time around.”

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Daniel Jacobs vs Gabriel Rosado Full Fight Card Recap

Posted on 11/28/2020

Daniel Jacobs vs Gabriel Rosado

Despite the obvious bad blood between the two, Daniel Jacobs (37-3, 30 KOs) and Gabriel Rosado (25-13-1, 14 KOs) produced a dud last night.

Jacobs, a former two-time middleweight champion, found it difficult letting his hands go. After several rounds of lackluster attack, Jacobs seemingly appeared to be on his way to defeat. Unfortunately for Rosado however, he was left on the wrong end of a controversial split decision loss on the night.

Julius Indongo vs Daniyar Yeleussinov

Former unified super lightweight champion Julius Indongo (23-3, 12 KOs) was simply no match for the highly touted Daniyar Yeleussinov (10-0, 6 KOs). After hitting the deck in the opening round, Indongo found himself on the canvas again, this time for good.

For Yeleussinov, it was the most high profile win of his short career. Now, the 29 year old eyes a world title eliminator.

Nikita Ababiy vs Brandon Maddox

Brooklyn, New York’s Nikita Ababiy (10-0, 6 KOs) had a surprisingly difficult time against journeymen Brandon Maddox (7-4-1, 4 KOs). The 22 year old middleweight prospect found the reach and activity of Maddox difficult to deal with early on.

With that being said, Ababiy slowly chipped away and was reward with his efforts at the end of six rounds with a unanimous decision victory.

Emmanuel Tagoe vs Mason Menard

The once beaten Emmanuel Tagoe (32-1, 15 KOs) made it 31 straight wins tonight with a win over Mason Menard (36-5, 25 KOs).

Tagoe, 31, had little to no trouble out boxing his veteran foe at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Despite the some what close scorecards, Tagoe dictated the pace and continued his win streak on the night. The final scorecards were as followed: 95-95, 96-94 and 98-92 all in favor of the African native.

Mahammadrasul Majidov vs Sahret Delgado

It was an absolute clinic that was put on display by Mahammadrasul Majidov (3-0, 3 KOs) at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

His opponent in Sahret Delgado (8-1, 7 KOs) attempted to box on the outside but simply couldn’t keep his man off him. Majidov barreled forward, ate a few shots in order to land his own but his made his count. As their contest continued, Delgado couldn’t keep up with his opponents pace. In the third round, Majidov landed a hard left right combination which essentially left Delgado out on his feet. Within moments the referee stepped in to call a halt to their contest.

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Daniel Jacobs: “When Somebody Disrespects You, You Handle It”

Posted on 11/26/2020

By: Hans Themistode

The soft-spoken, gentle side that Daniel Jacobs consistently places on display is a far cry from the aggressive and surly personalities that his hometown of Brooklyn, New York tends to produce.

For the 33-year-old Jacobs however, he’s been more loquacious and hostile during the build up of his super middleweight contest against Gabriel Rosado this coming Friday. Years of trash talk and close physical confrontations have forced Jacobs to flip a switch. Something that he believes many have wanted to see.

“It’s a tad bit different,” said Jacobs during a recent interview with Matchroom Boxing. “People know me for being a gentleman in the sport but there are some fans out there that want to see the grit or see the Brooklyn come out of me and see me actually go at somebody who doesn’t necessarily have the best things to say about me. Where I come from when somebody disrespects you, sometimes you handle it in a way where it comes off like this. A grudge match if you will.”

Engaging in the inconsequential war of words has never been on the mind of Jacobs. To the former two-time middleweight champion, the words of his opponents would simply bounce off him and fall by the wayside. With Rosado though, the words of the Philadelphia native has hit a nerve. While Jacobs is still focused on letting his fists do the talking for him, the beating that he plans on dishing out tomorrow night is one that he is going to truly enjoy.

“I definitely want to teach him a lesson. You can’t say all of the things that he’s said about my career and personal life. It’s just not acceptable.”

Calling Jacobs (36-3, 30 KOs) an overrated fighter is something that he can stomach. Even calling into question his resume while highlighting his failures against Gennadiy Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez is something that he can reluctantly accept without getting agitated. When it comes to his cancer survival story however, Jacobs won’t allow anyone to downplay his life-changing moment.

“That was one of the things that triggered me. Him saying that he pretty much hasn’t gotten the push that I got and they’re pretty much using my cancer story to sell me to the public. To me, that was the ultimate. You don’t say things like that.”

From the very beginning of Jacobs’s career, the 33-year-old was tabbed as a possible star. The Brooklyn product racked up an amateur record of 137 wins against only 7 defeats. Success in the pro ranks quickly followed but his career under the bright lights was thought to be promptly truncated in 2011 due to osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer. Not only did Jacobs refuse to stay down for the entirety of cancer’s ten count, but he managed to make a full recovery 19 months later and would go on to win multiple world titles.

Along his journey, Jacobs has faced some of the best in the sport of boxing including Peter Quillin, Sergiy Derevyanchenko and of course — Golovkin and Alvarez. Sharing the ring with some of those aforementioned names has given Jacobs the blueprint of what a great fighter looks like. And after looking at the traits that Rosado brings to the table in juxtaposition to others, the Brooklyn product is unafraid of what he’ll be facing this Friday night.

“His skill set isn’t the best but it’s enough to respect. The thing that he brings to the table is mostly his grit. Obviously, coming from the mean streets of Philly, I think anybody raised in that system is going to have a certain grit, but his toughness has mostly gotten him beaten up inside the ring.”

With oddsmakers listing Jacobs as a 3000-1 favorite to pick up the win, the hard hitting former champ won’t argue with those who are backing him. For the 33-year-old, he believes a win is virtually a guarantee. Once he’s done making Rosado eat his words tomorrow night, Jacobs has his eyes set on bigger fish.

“Immediately after this fight, I will be campaigning for a championship in the super middleweight division.”

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Jermall Charlo: “If I Don’t Get Canelo Then I Want Jacobs”

Posted on 10/22/2020

By: Hans Themistode

From now, until seemingly the end of time, Jermall Charlo and Daniel Jacobs will continue to dislike one another.

For years both fighters have thrown verbal jab, after verbal jab. A few years ago however, the pair nearly traded in their verbal insults for punches to the jaw as the two were caught on camera having a heated discussion.

Although the two have long wanted to settle their beef either in the ring or the nearest alley, they’ve gone their separate ways. For Charlo, the 30 year old surly knockout artist is currently enjoying his most successful run as a professional. Just a few weeks ago, both he and his twin brother in Jermell, headlined the first doubleheader Pay-Per-View event. On the night, Charlo was given his toughest assignment, at least on paper, in Sergiy Derevyanchenko. The two division world champion made it look easy however as he dismantled his man.

At the moment, a matchup with Canelo Alvarez is something that he has continued to push for. But if he isn’t able to secure that showdown, then he wants to shut the mouth of Jacobs once and for all.

“If I don’t get Canelo then I want Jacobs,” said Charlo recently on Instagram live. “I want Jacobs as much as he wants me.”

For Brooklyn’s Jacobs, he’s always made it known that a matchup with Charlo is as personal as can be. With that being said, his focus is solely on Gabriel Rosado since the two will share the ring with one another on November 27th.

Outside of his loss against Canelo Alvarez at the halfway point of 2019, Jacobs has enjoyed a ton of success in the middleweight division. But with the 33 year old struggling to make the 160 pound limit, he opted to move eight pounds north to super middleweight.

A matchup isn’t out of the realm of possibility considering how badly both men want it. Yet, with the amount of trash talking that Jacobs has done over the years, Charlo believes Jacobs would suffer a cruel fate.

“Look at the percentage of when I fight black fighters that talk shit,” explained Charlo. “Think about it, look at what happens to them. I didn’t just beat their ass, I knock them the fuck out.”

It isn’t just Charlo’s vaunted power that gives him the belief that he would clean Jacobs clock with ease. Over the years, Charlo has seen Jacobs on the wrong end of a supposed beating. Whether it was his knockout loss to Dmitry Pirog back in 2010 or his experience from the amateurs, Charlo has seen Jacobs at his worst on more than one occasion.

“I watched him get knocked out in the amateurs, the pro’s all that shit. Knocked the fuck out. Shawn fucking Porter beat Danny. Keith Thurman beat the shit out of Danny Jacobs.”

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