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Whyte vs. Rivas Fight Preview

By: Shane Willoughby

It is rare to see a fight where there are so many variables and scenarios that all could take place. Dillian Whyte vs Oscar Rivas is definitely one of those fights. This a real 50/50.

However, the thing that makes the fight even more interesting is the unknown surrounding Oscar Rivas.

Everyone knows what Whyte is all about. A big punching, come forward, physically imposing boxer puncher. We have seen the Body-snatcher at times fight off the back foot, working behind a really good jab, but no matter how the fight is going, eventually he is going to get into a scrap.

That catch and counter with the left hook is arguably one of the most dangerous weapons in the division, and when Whyte rips off his sharp shots to the body he really wears down his opponent’s.

However, we have seen Whyte hurt several times; down on the card, down on the canvas and even knocked out. The guy is definitely battle-hardened; there isn’t a scenario we haven’t seen Whyte in.

Rivas on the other hand, there are many unanswered questions. We know he has very good combinations and a really good engine.

He rips off punches at close range really well with really quick hands. We also know he is well-schooled being a former Olympian.

However, we haven’t seen Rivas have to go to war. Majority of his fights is fought at his pace but against Whyte, the Colombian is going to be asked to work when he wants to rest.

Another unknown is how well does Rivas take a punch? Whilst he did take all Jennings threw at him, Jennings has never been a prolific power puncher, and we haven’t seen Rivas against any real bangers.

When you mix all these ingredients into the pot, it’s difficult to pick a winner however, there are some scenarios that are extremely likely.

Do not be surprised to see either man on the canvas or, maybe both men might face a count. If either man feels like they are down on the cards they are going to go for broke, which could result in a knockout either way.

Something else which is quite probable, is both men could be extremely fatigued at the end of the fight. With Dillians extra weight, it’s going to be ridiculously energy-sapping for Rivas to physically impose himself which he loves to do.

The Colombian has never had to fight off the back foot for prolonged periods of time so, it would be interesting to see what happens to Rivas when he tired.

Time and time again we have seen Whyte absolutely knackered in fights.

What will be interesting to see is how well does Rivas’ eye’s hold up after he gets hit? The man has had countless surgeries and his previous issues with his eyes could come back to haunt him. That is just something we should keep an eye out for during the bout. No pun intended.

One scenario I cant see happening is Rivas winning on points. It would not be a surprise if Rivas stopped Whyte but a decision win will be a shock to me.

Not only will he be in away territory, but if the British fighter is down on the cards I can only see him emptying the tank which will only result in some getting knocked out.

Whatever happens on Saturday, it will be a fantastic spectacle and whilst it may start slow, eventually, it’s going to turn into a war.

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