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Tyson Fury Tells David Haye: “You Had Your Chance and Blew It!”

Posted on 09/17/2011

By Johnny Walker

British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is not one of those who thinks that fellow Brit and former WBA heavyweight champion David Haye should be spoiling for another crack at a Klitschko brother, following the Hayemaker’s humiliation at the hands of The Ring magazine recognized world heavyweight champion Wladimir earlier this year.

Haye has recently begun his trash-talking ways once again, and has dared WBC heavyweight kingpin Vitali Klitschko, who demolished Tomasz Adamek last weekend, to fight him next.

Fury (15-0-0, 10 KOs), who defends his titles against American challenger Nicolai Firtha in Belfast, Northern Ireland, today, tells, “I think David Haye should stay quiet – there’s not enough room in this country for two big heavyweights.

“I’ve got more of a chance of fighting Klitschko next than he has. There’s no interest in Haye any more. He had his chance and blew it, “Fury contends.

The loquacious Fury also reveals to the Mirror that his massive, 6’9” frame attracts a lot of negative attention from men trying to prove their toughness against a giant.

““I get people trying it on with me quite a lot,” he says.

“If I’m out with my wife, I’ll get people come over and say, ‘You think you’re a fighter, I’ll fight you’. It’s always been because I’m big and they want to be able to go round town saying, ‘I’ve hit Tyson Fury. I’m a hero’.

“I know I could spark them out, but if I did they’d go to the police, get me done for assault and I’d be banned from boxing. Is it worth it? No, nothing is going to get in the way of my career.”

Fury hopes that Firtha is just another stepping stone on the way to the goal of every heavyweight with ambition: a fight against one of the Klitschkos.

“It would be quite easy for me to get a fight with Wladimir over in Germany,” Fury contends. “But I’m only a baby in heavyweight terms and don’t need that fight right now.

“I ain’t the finished article yet, nowhere near it. I’m just 25 per cent of what I can be. But in 18 months I might be ready.”

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