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Shobox Results: Wade narrowly escapes Soloman, Lubin one of the best prospects

Posted on 06/27/2015

By Eric Duran

In tonight Shobox: The New Generation main event, rising prospect Dominic Wade of Washington, D.C. took on his toughest opponent to date, former IBF Middleweight champion, Sam Soliman. Wade had this to say before the fight, “I feel like it’s time for a real test. It’s time to see where I’m at. I could have fought easier but I’ve been working hard at the gym and it’s time for me to start moving toward a world title shot”.


Soliman is returning after losing his title at the hands of Jermaine Taylor in which he suffered a major injury, “The right knee that I hurt against Taylor is 100 percent. I had four months of rehab but it’s nothing I’ll be thinking about,” stated Soliman.

Dominic Wade (18-0, 12 KO’s) keeps his undefeated record intact with a questionable win over Sam Soliman (44-12, 18 KO’s). It was ugly at times but Wade kept his composure while defeating the awkward Soliman over 10 uneventful rounds. Wade, who scored a knock down in round 4, never really fell into a groove as Soliman was able to dictate the pace and style of the fight. The knockdown proved vital as the final scorecard saved Wade from a draw.

Due to an overweight opponent in another bout, blue chip prospect Erickson Lubin has been moved to the co-main event. The 19 year old prospect will be looking to garner the national spotlight when he steps into the ring against Ayi Bruce, “This is my first fight on Showtime and I’m really looking forward to it”. Teenage prospect Lubin (11-0, 8 KO’s) easily dispatches Bruce (23-10, 15 KO’s) at 2:49 of the first round, “I knew he was done after the first knockdown. I could see it in his eyes and in his body,” stated Lubin after the fight. Lubin appeared poised and confident in his attack, easily tagging Bruce with every punch he threw. When asked after the fight about his future, Lubin had this to say, “I’ve been doing this my whole life. I’m ready to step up my competition and head towards a world title”.

Undefeated Heavyweight Oscar Rivas will open the telecast in place of 2012 Olympian Jamel Herring, whose opponent came in overweight, “I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this for a long time,” stated Rivas. Rivas takes on Jason Pettaway. Rivas (17-0, 12 KO’s) destroyed Pettaway (17-3, 10 KO’s) in the 1st round tonight, cropping his foe 3 times. Rivas was deducted 2 points after the first knockdown for hitting Pettaway while he was on a knee. Pettaway was able to continue but not with any success as Rivas jumped all over him. Rivas drops Pettaway for the second time with a barrage of punches along the ropes. Pettaway beats the count but for long as he is dropped with an overhand right for the third and final time. Referee Robert Byrd calls a stop to the action 2:25 of the first round.

Wade vs Soliman.

Wade escapes with a questionable victory.

Dominic Wade wins a boring, ugly spilt decision over veteran Sam Soliman.

Round 1: Soliman is giving Wade fits with his awkward style as Wade is unable to settle into a groove. Soliman is doing a good job at hitting and grabbing, waiting for the ref to break them up before letting his hands go on the break.

Round 2: Soliman is holding and hitting on the inside as Wade continues to look frustrated with the style of Soliman. Wade is trying to time Soliman with a jab as Soliman jumps in head first. Soliman sneaks in two uppercuts on the inside. Wade continues to play the timing game, fighting tall from the outside and landing short shots when Soliman bulls his way in.

Round 3: Solomanman’s herky jerky style may be winning him the fight early on. Wade is only able to land one shot a time. Wade is unable to use his height advantage as the smaller Soliman darts in and out with his punches.

Round 4: Soliman continues to hug and hit, frustrating the younger Wade. Wade is trying to offset the pressure by throwing 2-3 jabs at a time. Soliman lands a left hook on the inside. Wade lands a left hook of his own on the inside. Wade drops Soliman with a stiff jab to end round 4. Soliman was more off balance than hurt by the punch.

Round 5: Soliman is back to roughing up Wade on the inside, swarming him with his attack. Very slow round for actual landed punches. The rounds are becoming harder and harder to score at this point in the fight.

Round 6: Wade is having a good round as he times Soliman with a left hook. Soliman continues to trap Wade on the inside and fire punches when Wade is least expecting them. Wade picks up Soliman and throws him to the round at the end of the round. Wade is becoming visibly frustrated.

Round 7: Wade hits Soliman with a right hand and wobbles him. Soliman seems fine but it’s the most significant punch Wade has landed since the knockdown in round 4. Soliman cracks Wade a left hook, straight right combination. Wade lands a big straight right hand as Soliman walks straight in with his hands down. Wade enjoys his best round of the fight thus far.

Round 8: Wade is now catching Soliman with the straight right hand more often. Wade may need a late round rally to pull out a victory. Soliman attacking widely but landing shots as the round comes to an end.

Round 9: Not much action here in the round as the round and fight could be up for grabs. Soliman’s activity may be carrying him on the scorecards.

Round 10: Slow, methodical round. Wade trying to pick the pace in the final minute of the fight. I don’t know if Wade did enough to win the round or the fight. We head to the judges’ scorecards.

The judges score the bout 97-92, 96-93 and 95-94 for your winner by spilt decision, Dominic Wade.

Lubin vs Bruce.

Lubin is proving to be a name worth keeping an eye on.

Jr. Middleweight Erickson Lubin impressively dominates Ayi Bruce tonight on Showtime. The youngster from Orlando, Fla is quickly putting his name on the list of best prospects in the sport.

Round 1: Lubin is showing off his skills early as picks apart Bruce from the on start. Lubin looks controlled and comfortable early on. Lubin is landing at will as Bruce takes a knee from the accumulation of punches. Bruce gets up and continues but is dropped from a vicious body attack and chooses not to continue at 2:49 of the first round.

Rivas vs Pettaway

Rivas makes short work of Pettaway.

Undefeated heavyweight Oscar Rivas drops Jason Pettaway 3 times on route to a 1st round stoppage. The powerful Rivas was never in trouble as he overwhelmed Pettaway from the opening bell.

Round 1: Rivas is looking to land something big early, trapping Pettaway along the ropes, dropping him with a straight right to the body. Rivas hits Pettaway while he is done on the canvass. Referee Robert Byrd gives Pettaway 5 minutes to recover. Rivas is deducted 2 points from Byrd for the late blow to Pettaway. Rivas drops Pettaway again as Pettaway is having trouble handling Rivas’s assault. A right hand to the top of Pettaway’s head drops him for a third time and referee Byrd calls a halt to the fight at 2:25 of the first round.

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