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Floyd Ducking Pacquiao on Bloomberg News in Oct. 2009

Posted on 02/28/2011

Floyd Mayweather appeared on Bloomberg News in October of 2009 and was questioned by a female anchor about boxing Manny Pacquiao.

On the air, she said a boxing fan in the control room wanted to know if Floyd would face Manny Pacquiao? Keep in mind, this is from October 2009, months before Floyd concocted his drug test schemes to avoid the fight.

Mayweather:  “Manny Pacquiao is absolutely a good fighter. He’s a good fighter.”

Dissatisfied with that evasive answer, the female anchor pressed Floyd for more: “So are you going to fight him?”

Mayweather:  “We take one day at a time. I can’t say. The thing about Floyd Mayweather is he’s his own boss. And Manny Pacquiao has a boss.  And so it’s gonna be hard to negotiate that fight. But hopefully we can get it done. But we’ll see.”

With her woman’s intuition working strong and sensing a genuine boxing coward in her presence, the female Bloomberg anchor pressed Floyd again:  “What would you need to see then to make it happen?”

Mayweather put a smile on his face and tried again to dodge the persistent Pacquiao questioning:  “It takes a lot of things. It takes a lot of things to make a fight of that magnitude happen. People – we must see eye to eye. And look at things on certain terms. To get the fight done.”

Of course, we all know Mayweather ducked Manny Pacquiao. And now, 17 months later, is still ducking Manny Pacquiao.

Here is the link to the video if you wish to see it…

Another comment Floyd made that day:  “I’m looking forward to expanding my business portfolio with several Fortune 500 companies. Because in the last three fights I’ve generated over $300 million – and that’s in 90 minutes.”


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