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Rolando Romero: “Devin Is The Weakest Link”

Posted on 12/14/2021

By: Hans Themistode

For a number of years now, Rolando Romero has expressed an extreme amount of dislike for Devin Haney. The two have gone back and forth over social media but have failed to face off in the ring.

Yet, despite Romero’s deep disdain for the current WBC lightweight champion, in actuality, he pities him.

“Devin is the weakest link,” said Romero during an interview with “I really do feel bad for him. He’s going to fall and it’s going to hurt worse than anything. It’s not his fault that he was born with f*cked up genetics.”

Romero, 26, is referring to the one flaw he believes Haney has shown throughout the course of his career, the inability to take a flush shot. During a showdown against Jorge Linares earlier this year, Haney appeared to be in complete control. Yet, with the 23-year-old cruising along, Linares rocked him in the tenth round. While Haney would ultimately go on to win a wide decision, the WBC belt holder appeared visibly shaken.

In addition to what Romero believes is a suspect chin, the former WBA interim titlist went into details as chastised Haney repeatedly on the flaws in his overall game.

“Lack of power, fragile body frame, his weak legs, he’s ugly as f*ck. Like I just feel bad for him. He can’t do anything to change that cause he was born like that.”

Regardless of Romero’s scathing criticism, Haney continues to flourish. Most recently, the slick-hitting boxer cruised to a fairly one-sided victory against Joseph Diaz in his last ring appearance. Furthermore, Haney doesn’t seem to be taking the words of Romero to heart.

Following his victory over Diaz, Haney was spotted buying several pieces of expensive jewelry. But while the young and flamboyant belt holder has flaunted his wealth, Romero simply shrugs his shoulders as he views Haney’s spending habits as inconsequential to his overall fighting ability.

“Just cause you say ‘I have more money than you’, it doesn’t change. He’s weak as f*ck with no power.”

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