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Post-Fight Ring Quotes: Devon Alexander & Lucas Matthysse

Posted on 06/26/2011

Devon Alexander: “Matthysse is a rough and tough fighter. I brought the fight out in me because people had their doubts about my abilities as a boxer.

“The knockdown [first of his career] was a flash knockdown [in the fourth round]. I had to pull it out. I was having flashbacks from my last fight with Bradley, and I wasn’t going to lose two fights in a row. As a matter of fact, I’m never going to lose again.”

Kevin Cunningham: (trainer and manager of Devon Alexander) “I didn’t enjoy watching a rugged, tough guy like Matthysse in there with my fighter. I knew it was gonna be tough. I didn’t want to see my fighter trading with a puncher like Matthysse, but because of all the criticism he took after the Bradley fight, he felt he had something to prove in his hometown.

“I think when Devon reviews the tape of the fight, he’ll see that he was at his most effective when he was using his boxing skills to the fullest.”

Lucas Matthysse: “I gave it my all. It was a tough fight but I thought I won. Once again, I was robbed. He’s lucky he won the fight. I thought when I put him down, I’d finish him off but I couldn’t.”

Tavoris Cloud: “Yusaf Mack is a good fighter. I can’t take nothing away from him. I just caught him with some good shots.

“If you noticed, he was tiring down. I heard him breathing hard during the last three rounds. I was telling him, ‘You’re tired, aren’t you?’

“The whole game plan was to go to the body. He wasn’t hurting me. I knew he was a bouncy-bouncy guy, an in-and-out guy. I wore him down with body shots and took him out.

“Jean Pascal is here tonight. If he’s ready, I’m ready. I’m ready for anybody.”

Yusaf Mack: “He kept clipping me on the top of the head. I kept telling the ref about it but he only warned him once. The ref told me to stop holding him.

“I thought my plan was working well.

“The first shot in the corner dazed me but it was on the top of the head. The final punch was on top of the head also.”

Bermane Stiverne: “I knew he was going to try and box me but he often drops his right hand. I kept listening to his corner. Whatever they said, he did. So I started anticipating that. It became a big advantage for me.

“I was a little too lax but I felt good tonight. I was looking for the perfect shot instead of establishing my jab. The perfect shot did come in the 10th round. It was a short shot, a half-hook right hand that did him in.”

I’m on my way to my first world championship. I can feel it. I still have a lot to learn and I can get better.”

Ray Austin: “I was waiting ‘til he [the referee] reached eight [in his count during the 10th round]. In the dressing room before the fight, he told me as long as I am up by nine it would be OK. Then I got up and bounced around to let him know I was ready. So I got up at eight and bounced around on my feet to let him know I was ready and he stopped the fight. How many rounds do you think I won? [Austin was winning on two cards at the time of the stoppage.]

Ryan Coyne: “There was a reason David McNemar had never been defeated before tonight. He’s a good fighter, tough opponent, tough guy.

“It was very hard to adjust to his style on such short notice after preparing all camp for Guillermo Jones [WBA cruiserweight champion, who was injured the week before the fight].

“Thanks to all my loyal fans who showed up to support me tonight. I will be in my first world championship fight very soon.”

David McNemar: [McNemar was in his locker room after the fight, face down and bawling. After a few minutes, he composed himself.] “Fuckin pussy! Tell me how I lost that fight. Did he outwork me? I came to St Louis on six days’ notice. I sparred twice. I won that fight.

“To be so close to having them give me those belts so I could have taken it home to Parkersburg, West Virginia.

“What big shots [from Coyne]? He doesn’t hit hard. I want to fight him again [This was McNemar’s first fight since 2007).]

Cornelius Bundrage: “I was happy with my performance but I felt I could have done better. Sechew is a good fighter. He’s rated higher than me in Ring Magazine. It was a hard fight but I refuse to lose. I grinded him out. All credit to god.”

Sechew Powell: “It was a god fight. He fought just like we thought he would. I didn’t follow the game plan. I should have thrown more combinations.”

Cory Spinks: “I was a little rusty but I had a good time out there tonight. Shakir Ashanti gave me some good work and it was great to be fighting in my hometown.

“This whole week has been inspirational for me. I think I can win another world championship, and the road started tonight.”

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