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PBC on Spike Results: Berto returns to form, Porter successful in his return to action

By Eric Duran

Premier Boxing Champions off of a stellar debut last week on NBC, drawing over 3 million viewers, returns to cable tv. In association with Spike TV and Goossen Promtions, Al Haymon presents Friday Night Lights Out from the Citizen Business Bank Arena in Ontario, Ca.

The main event pairs Andre Berto and Josesito Lopez together, in what is the true definition of a crossroads fight. Berto, a former 2-time world champion, looks to return to champion status when he battles “The Riverside Rocky” Lopez, over 12 rounds in a Welterweight bout for the interim WBA title. In the co-main event, Shawn Porter returns to action following his loss to Kell Brook in August. Porter will face late replacement, Erick Bone. Bone replaces Porter’s original opponent, Roberto Garcia, who fell ill on the day of the weigh-ins. It was a hectic 24 hours for Porter as Bone and Karim Mayfield were both tagged as replacements, with Porter’s team finally deciding on Bone.

New technology was used tonight as referee Jack Reiss wore a go pro like camera while officiating the action.

PBConSpike exceeded expectations as fight fans across the nation were treated to 3 exciting televised fights.

In the main event, Andre “The Beast” Berto (30-3, 23 KO’s) stops the grizzled vet, Josesito Lopez (33-7, 19 KO’s) in six exciting rounds of Boxing. Lopez appeared to be frustrating Berto with his awkward style through five rounds. A flurry of combinations from Berto was the start of the end for Lopez. Berto is ready for bigger things, “I feel like I’m back in title contention, ” stated Berto.

In the opening bout of the telecast, former World Champion Shawn Porter (25-1-1, 16 KO’s), stopped Erick Bone (16-2, 8 KO’s) in 5 exhilarating rounds of action. The Cleveland, Oh native pressed the action from the opening bell, smothering Bone. Bone had his moments in the fight though as caught Porter on the end of numerous counter punches. After what appeared to be an ankle injury to Bone, Porter jumped all over his hobbling foe, dropping Bone twice. Bone was unable to continue following the second knockdown.

It was Porters first fight since losing his IBF title to Kell Brook in August.

In a swing bout, former title challenger Chris Arreola (36-4, 31 KO’s) escaped with a victory over Curtis Harper (12-4, 8 KO’s). Arreola dropped Harper in the first round and it appeared as though the fight wouldn’t last much longer. However, Harper battled back and hurt Arreola on numerous occasions over the final 8 rounds. Arreola appeared to have taken home the final two rounds as well as the win on the cards.

Berto vs Lopez

Berto sieves the moment against Lopez.

Welterweight Andre Berto defeats the hometown kid, Josesito Lopez in the 6th round.

Both fighters appear transitive at the beginning of round 1. Lopez is starting to open up as the round moves on. Lopez with a combination to the body of Berto. Berto is not having much success here in round 1.

Berto fighting nervous as Lopez drills him with combination to the body. Berto with a blazing right hand as Lopez sinks into the ropes. Berto is unloading as Lopez sits in the corner. A much better round for Berto in the 2nd as he as loosened up.

Good exchange for both fighters as the action in round 3 is underway. Lopez is straying to fight rugged, hitting behind the head. Berto with a fine combination along the ropes. Berto is starting to find a home for his right hand. Lopez with a stinging combination to the body. Berto just misses with a straight right hand. Lopez closes the round with a combination.

Berto with a counter right hand in the inside. Lopez is wrestling on the inside while using his free hand to deck Berto. Lopez with a combination to the body. Both fighters stand in the corner and trade power punches.

Lopez is being warned for punching on the break by referee Raul Caiz. Lopez is drilling Berto to the body as Berto just covers up. Berto backs Lopez up with a double jab. Lopez has some swelling under his left eye. Berto just misses with a overhand right.

Berto catches Lopez with a right hand, staggering him. Berto’s follow up floors Lopez!!! Lopez rises from the canvass but is drilled and stopped by another right hand from Berto. It’s over folks at

Porter vs Bone

Porter drills late sub Bone in the 5th round.

Welterweight Shawn Porter thrills in a actioned packed fight against late replacement, Erick Bone. Bone appeared to have injured his right ankle before the stoppage.

Porter on the attack early in round 1, pushing Bone back with a power shots. A left from Porter finds the mark. Neither fighter seems to have broken a sweat in their warmup as they look dry. Porter is smothering Bone with his pressure, firing off combinations. Bone has been willing to trade on the inside, drilling Porter with a counter left hook to end the round. Solid round for Porter.

Porter is still applying the pressure in the beginning of round 2. A left hook to the body of Bone sends him falling knot the ropes. A left hook from Porter has brought blood from the nose of Bone. Bone is barely missing with big counter punches. Bone catches Porter with a left hook after absorbing a 3 punch combination from Porter. Another solid round for Porter.

Porter seems too be in tremendous shape as continues with a high pace through 3 rounds. Porter lands a flush right hand in the center of the ring. A counter right hand from Porter stops Bone in his tracks. Exciting action between both fighters along the ropes, something they have continued to provide throughout the fight. Porter is starting to exert his power over Bone.

Porter is on the jab here in round 4, bouncing on his toes from the outside. Bone wobbles Porter with a short, counter hook on the inside. Bone has come to fight, unloading combinations before Porter flings him to the canvass. Bone with a solid combination in the center of the ring. What a exciting round as both fighters landed a high percentage of power shots.

Bone wobbles Porter with a counter right hand at the start if round 5. Porter appears to drop Bone with a overhand right that is ruled a skip. Bone appears to have injured his knee. Porter drops Bone with a right hook to the body. Bone beats the count and continues. A minute later, Bone is dropped again from a barrage of punches from Porter. Referee Jack Reiss reaches the count of 10 at 2:30 seconds of round 5.

Arreola vs Harper

Arreola survives a strong effort from Harper.

Former Heavyweight contender Chris Arreola defeats Curtis Harper over 8 life and death rounds.

Harper coming out swinging in round 1, drilling Arreola with a overhand right. Arreola drops Harper with a big right hand, sending Harper crashing to the canvass. Arreola cannot miss with the right hand. A left hook from Arreola wobbles Harper on the inside. Arreola is trying to close the show as he chases Harper across the ring. Arreola continues to drill a helpless Harper as the round comes to an end.

Harper is still bringing the fight to Arreola, catching the former contender with big right hands. These heavyweights are throwing some serious leather here in round 2. Arreola appears tired already. They trade right hands in the center of the ring. Harper may have won the round.

Harper catches Arreola with a sharp right hand around the glove of Arreola. Arreola appears to hurt Harper with a straight right hand. Harper with a stiff jab to the chin of Arreola. Harper with a big right hand, wobbling Arreola.

Harper hurts Arreola with a left hook moments into round 4. Arreola fights back, trading with Harper. Arreola appears to have hurt his right hand/arm in round 4. Harper crushes a stationary Arreola with a right hand. Arreola responds with a 1-2 combination. Harper with a left uppercut off the ropes, staggering Arreola. It’s unbelievable how Arreola has not tasted the canvass with the shots he has absorbed.

Harper continue to catch Arreola between punches, with powerful right hands. There is no quit in Arreola has continues to come forward against Harper. Arreola is still landing powerful shots but he is bleeding heavily from his nose. Harper may be on his way to shocking the world.

Harper as fell into a groove and appears comfortable in round 6. There appears to be some swelling over the left eye of Arreola. Harper is able to land hooks while avoiding the power shots of Arreola. Great action to end round 6.

Arreola is showing why he was a world title contender as takes the fight Harper here in round 7. Arreola wobbles Harper with a counter left hook on the inside. What a fight as both fighters are hurting each other with every shot. Arreola with 2 straight right hands. A straight right hand crashes onto the cheek of Harper as the round comes to an end.

Arreola has Harper on shaky knees in round 8. Harper appears tired as his shots have lost steam throughout this banger of a fight. Arreola is controlling the final round as he appears to need it in order to save face.

We go to the scorecards. Judge Ed Hernandez scores it 77-75. Judge Fernando Villareal scores it 78-73. Judge Pat Russell scores the bout 77-74, all for your winner by unanimous decision, Chris Arreola.

PBC returns April 4th on CBS as Light Heavyweight champion Adonis “Superman” Stevenson defends his title against Sakio Bika.

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