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PBC on Fox Sports 1 Results: Lara/Rojas Draw, Elbiali & Trout win by KO’s

Posted on 09/08/2015

By: Matthew N. Becher

For the first time, Premier Boxing Champions will air its new Tuesday night series on Fox Sports 1. Live from the famous Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood, California, PBC starts off a two month stretch of nonstop boxing for the months of September and October, with some rising prospects, former champs and the return of Austin “No Doubt” Trout.

Ahmed Elbiali (11-0 10KO) vs. Fabiano Pena (12-2-1-8KO). Light Heavyweight

Both fighters come out swinging heavy. Pena got his money’s worth on what he was able to throw, but Elbiali put Pena down one minute into the fight and the referee stopped the bout, possibly a little early.

Elbiali KO1 1:15

Jorge Lara (27-0-1 19KO) vs. Jesus M. Rojas (21-1-1 15KO): Featherweight

In a new chapter in the great Puerto Rico vs. Mexico boxing rivalry, Lara and Rojas each had much to gain in a good showing tonight, and a chance to move up in the very rich featherweight division.

Lara came out the aggressor, throwing power punches and catching Rojas off guard. Rojas decided to keep his cool and work on getting Lara’s timing down and using his counter punches to answers Lara’s aggression.

With Lara fighting as a southpaw and Rojas orthodox, the fight was littered with accidental head-butts. In the third, Lara was cut over his right eye and it definitely threw off his game plan. Lara was also cut over his left eye in the fifth round by a head butt, and both cuts made him start to fight out of desperation, knowing the fight could be stopped due to the seriousness of the cuts.

Rojas began stealing the momentum of the fight after the 4th round. Countering, using his boxing skills to muffle Lara’s early power and aggressive style.

Lara told the doctor after the 6th round ended that he could no longer see due to the cut over the right eye. The doctor stops the fight and it goes to the score cards.

Both fighters jawed at one another as the cards were being counted, and it ended the way it should, in a Technical Draw.

57-57 3x Technical Draw

Austin Trout (29-2 16KO) vs. Joey Hernandez (24-3-1 14KO): Middleweight

Austin Trout was the former Jr. Middleweight champion of the world. After beating Miguel Cotto, he is now fighting on, after back to back losses to Canelo and Erislandy Lara. Trout and Hernandez fought at a 156 lb. catch weight, and Hernandez came into the ring tonight, rehydrated at an incredible 175 lbs. It ended up not working in his favor.

Trout did what he normally does best, he used his jab to keep his opponent at bay. Hernandez was a little timid in the early rounds. And even though Trout did not look sharp, he completely controlled the fight. He was even able to get Hernandez so frustrated, that in the 5th round, Hernandez made a gesture that he was hit low (on the hip) to referee Jerry Reese. Trout continued to box, as Reese made no call, and Hernandez took the matter into his own hands, picking Trout up and body slamming him to the canvas. Reese then took away a point, and Trout still easily won the round.

By the fifth round, Trout started picking up the pace. Hernandez was beginning to breathe out of his mouth, and adding body shots to his already steady jab was the undoing for Hernandez.

With less than ten seconds left in the 6th round, Trout dug deep into Hernandez’s body, dropping him for the count and coming away with an impressive knock out win.

Trout KO6 3:00

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