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Pacquiao Statement to Fans at Pacland Website

Posted on 12/26/2009

By Manny Pacquiao

“Very upset” by false allegations, Manny vows to restore the damaged reputation of himself and the dignity of his countrymen, with legal action against Mayweather and Golden Boy’s Richard Schaefer.

SARANGANI, Philippines, A pleasant day to all of you, my valued fans, fellow countrymen and followers of this column. Hoping that you are well whichever part of the world you are situated. The year is about to end and I am wishing you all and prosperous new year in 2010, that our lives would all be better.

Lots have happened in our lives this year that I thought would commence with our celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Least did I expect that there would still be important fights to face as the New Year dawns.

You may have read in the past few months about the unswerving, consistent effort to destroy my name, reputation and person. In the past few days alone, the camp of my next opponent have been releasing statements that are harsh yet are made with absolutely no basis but are pure product of their hallucinations. Yes, they are accusing me of using Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED), also known as steroids.

What? Stereo? Estero? Steroids?

I can only laugh but now I have become very upset because in ALL my life, I have not seen any form, shape or sizem and I absolutely have no idea or knowledge about this steroids that they are talking about. I am referring to Floyd Mayweather Sr who is the father of my next opponent, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions Richard Schaefer.

Consequently, news reports were circulating that (implied or) made me appear of being a steroids user and that they say is the reason for my unequalled power and feistiness in the ring.
They are left in awe and disbelief that a small Filipino man from a Third World Country of Asia that has been dubbed the Mexicutioner given that I have eliminated the legendary heroes of Mexico like Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, Juan Manuel Marquez, Oscar De La Hoya and many others.
Floyd Sr., in particular, to this day, still is in disbelief that I could beat his pupil, Ricky Hatton. I actually feel bad and pity Ricky Hatton because after the fight, Floyd Sr., did not even bother to help him out (when he lay on the canvas) yet Floyd Sr., still managed to put the blame on Hatton.

After the fight with Miguel Cotto, this gossip accusation that they have hurled against me has only intensified that they are like chickens whose mouths can’t stop from crying and crying.
The Mayweathers all the more are left in disbelief. This past week alone they have been issuing press releases that demands that I undergo the Olympic-style drug test procedure.

Because I love my country and I fight for our honor in all my fights in the ring and my fear in God who is the source of my strength and power, I have made a firm decision to formally file a lawsuit against those people who have tarnished my reputation, name and dignity of my countrymen and my God. You are all witnesses that I, from the beginning of my boxing career fifteen years ago to this day, I have not tasted nor even attempted to use these so called P.E.Ds or steroids in order to cheat my opponents. My destruction is the destruction of all of us and immeasurable shame to God who has bestowed me all these blessings.

I do not have anything to prove (to them) and hopefully, they would not succeed in destroying my image and the sport of boxing in the way they want it done. They want to dictate and step on the authority of the organizations including the Nevada State Athletic Commission. I am not guilty and I don’t have to prove anything because I have passed all tests in all my previous fights. I will all just see you in court.

Until the next Kumbinasyon . God Bless Us All.

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