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NBC Boxing Results: Adrien Broner and Keith Thurman win on PBC Debut

By Eric Duran

Professional boxing returns to free network TV in Primetime. Live from The MGM Grand Arena, under the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip, Premiere Boxing Champions in association with NBC and Gosseen Tutor Promotions present, PBConNBC. Music mogul and power manager, Al Haymon, steps from behind the scenes and onto the stage as his “takeover” too revolutionize the state of boxing, begins.

Haymon is largely known as the manager of Floyd Mayweather and former promoter of Music heavyweights, including Beyoncé, LiL Wayne and Drake. However, Haymon will now focus on Boxing from a business aspect, starting with his NBC deal. It doesn’t just start with NBC as Haymon as deals Spike TV and Bounce TV waiting in the wings.

With Haymon and PBC set to ascend on the nation, they do so in fashion. 4 current or former world champions are set for battle in their Inaugural event. In the main event, WBA Welterweight champion Keith “One Time” Thurman, puts his title on the line against Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero. In the co main event, Mr. NBC himself, Adrian “The Problem” Broner, takes on the “The Gladiator” John Molina Jr

In the main event, Keith Thurman of Clearwater, Fl, proved his name belongs in the discussion for best fighter in the world, after Mayweather. In 12 actioned rounds, Thurman constantly beat Guerrero to the punch, “Guerrero is a tremendous warrior,” stated Thurman. Thurman dropped Guerrero in round 8 and was on the verge of stopping his opponent.

In the bout of the telecast, Adrian “The Problem” Broner had little to no problems from John Molina. Broner basically won the first minute of the fight though the last minute of the fight, “like I stated before, anybody can get it,” stated Broner. Molina was upset with Broner not siting and trading with him, “He ran more then I thought he would,” stated Molina. Broner stated, “At the end of the fight, I’m still beautiful.”

Thurman Vs Guerrero

“One Time” Thurman makes a statement in dominating fashion, defeats Guerrero.

WBA Welterweight champion Keith Thurman bloodies a game Robert Guerrero, proving he belongs at the top of boxing.

Thurman charges out of his corner, towards Guerrero. Guerrero blocks a big right hand from Thurman. Thurman lands a right hand followed a combination from Guerrero. Thurman looks comfortable here in round 1. Thurman with a nice right hand to mid section of Guerrero. Thurman with another right hand, over the top of Guerrero’s guard. A solid round for Keith Thurman.

Thurman is backing up Guerrero with his power shots in round 2. Guerrero is unable to counter attack a pressing Thurman. Thurman hurts Guerrero with a big right to the body. Thurman has fallen into a nice groove early in the fight. Guerrero’s southpaw stance is having no affect on Thurman through 2 rounds.

A straight right hand from Thurman to open the action in round 3. Thurman with a solid body shot. A clash of heads brings a large bump to the forehead of Thurman. Thurman with a right hand followed by a counter left hook. All Thurman through 3 rounds.

Thurman is timing Guerrero’s every move perfectly in the early goings of the fight. A double straight right hand lands for Thurman. Guerrero with a counter right hand as Thurman was rushing in. Thurman lands a right hand, visibly hurting Guerrero.

Thurman with a counter check hook followed with a straight right hand. Thurman with a counter right hook on the inside as Guerrero is having issues landing against Thurman. Thurman punctuates the round with a straight right hand to the body.

Thurman’s hand speed is too much for Guerrero as he drops a right hand left hook combination. Thurman starting to land combinations here in round 6. All Thurman in round 6 as a right hand wobbles Guerrero to end the round.

Thurman fighting off his back foot here in round 7. Thurman switches to southpaw. Thurman leaping around and drilling Guerrero to the body with a right hand. Thurman is landing at will heading into the 8th round.

The pace has considerably slowed in the 8th round as Guerrero seems hesitant to exchange or lead against Thurman. Thurman lands a sold right hand to the chin of Guerrero. Thurman is cracking Guerrero as round 8 comes to an end.

The swelling on the forehead of Thurman has eclipsed the entire left side of his head. Thurman lands a swinging uppercut to the chin of Guerrero, dropping him. Thurman is on the kill as Guerrero is visually hurt. Thurman is teeing off on Guerrero in the corner as the round comes to an end. Guerrero is saved by the bell like Zack Morris

Guerrero is visibly tiring here in round 10 as Thurman has completely taken over the fight. Thurman with a straight right hand to the chin of Guerrero. Guerrero is landing some solid body shots as Thurman rests on the ropes. Guerrero is not quoting as he smothers Thurman along the ropes. A bloodied Guerrero is swinging away as he is caught by a hook from Thurman to end round 10.

Guerrero, sensing he’s down on the cards big, is bringing the action. Thurman is on his bike as he knows he has lead in the cards. Thurman is still landing solid shots only in spurts now.

And we head into the 12th and final round. Guerrero is fighting like a mad man. A slugfest has broken out as Thurman stands in trades. Thurman cracks Guerrero with overhand right from left field.

The judges score the bout 120-107, 118-109 and 118-108 for your winner by unanimous decision, Keith Guerrero.

Thurman improves to 26-0, 21 KO’s while Guerrero drops to 32-3-1, 18 KO’s.

Broner Vs Molina

Broner becomes “Mr. NBC”, putting on a boxing clinic against Molina.

Jr. Welterweight Adrian Broner treats John Molina like a slab of meat from the “Rocky” film, beats him easily over 12 rounds.

Broner begins the fight pumping his jab from the center of the ring. A lead left hook moves back against the ropes. Broner’s speed seems to be giving Molina fits in the early goings. Easy round to score as Broner set the pace and constantly pushed Molina back. Molina seemed hesitant to engage.

Broner is straying to put together combinations here in round 2. Broner still pumping his jab. Molina finally lands a solid shot, a straight right hand down the pipe. Broner with 1-2 to the chin of Molina to end thing in round 2.

The hand speed of a Broner is visibly giving Molina problems through 3 rounds. Molina with a overhand right as Broner ducks and slips out of the way. Molina with a nice overhand right to the head of Broner. Molina with a solid combination in the center of the ring. Broner slipping shots and countering as round 3 comes to an end. The action is starting to pick up.

Molina is taking chances in round 4, throwing big, wide shots. Broner controlling round 4 with a stuff jab, Molina is having trouble timing it. Another round in the books for Broner.

Broner is warned for hitting on the break by referee Robert Byrd. Broner’s blinding jab is giving Molina fits, not allowing Molina to set his feet and throw. Molina still pushing forward though, trying to rough up Broner. Broner with a combination to the body of Molina to end round 5.

Broner’s jab is on point tonight, very accurate and powerful. Molina cannot catch Broner with anything through 6 rounds. Broner with a 4 punch combination in the center of the ring. Broner’s defense seems to be much improved since the Maidana fight. Broner with a shoe shine combination to punctuate a big round 6.

Broner is having his way with Molina through 7 rounds of one sided action. Molina has resorted to trying to land a big overhand right from the outside. Broner is tagging Molina with any and every punch he decides to throw. Broner has made what seemed like a competitive matchup on paper, a boxing clinic.

The gap between skills level is beginning to show up tremendously as Broner begins to open up against Molina. Broner is starting to showboat in Broner fashion. Broner’s combinations are frustrationing Molina as Broner whispers in his ears during a clinch.

Broner is talking to Molina in round 9. A uppercut from Broner touches the chin of Molina. Broner is just too technically skilled for Molina.

Referee Robert Byrd is waring Broner to stop taking to Molina after he pops him with shots. Molina is like target practice for a skilled Broner. Molina with a solid right hand between a combination from Broner. Broner is teeing off on Molina as round 10 comes to an end.

Broner dry humping Molina to begin round 11. Broner complaint about head butts from Molina. Target practice for Broner in the final minute of round 11. Another easy for “The Problem” Broner.

Molina heads into round 12 needing a knockout to win the fight. Broner understand the fight is in the bag as he dances around, pop shoting Molina. The fans disapprove of Broner’s strategy in the final round.

Adrian Broner is your winner by Unanimous decision by scores of 120-108 x2 and 118-110.

Broner improves to 30-1, 22 KO’s while Molina drops to 27-6, 22 KO’s

Al Haymon pulled out all the stops as NBC brought fans closer too the action with revised camera angles and replay technology. The fighters didn’t disappoint either as Keith Thurman and Robert Guerrero engaged in a early candidate for fight of the year. Adrian Broner showed why he will be a problem do anyone on the Jr. Welterweight division.

NBC returns to free tv on April 11th as WBC Jr. Welterweight champion Danny “Swift” Garcia takes on Lamont Peterson.

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