Mike Tyson, Restauranteur?

Mike Tyson might be getting into the restaurant and food business.

As reported in the Tuesday edition of The New York Post, the former heavyweight champ is in talks with Moshe Malamud of the Franklin Mint regarding the launch of a high-end restaurant chain. The report says Tyson, who started and has adhered to a strict vegan diet last spring, is supposedly interested in “breaking into the kosher food business.”

Tyson, Malamud and Tyson’s pregnant wife Lakiha “Kiki” Spicer dined at Solo on Madison Avenue in Manhattan. For those interested, Tyson, who not long ago weighed in at around 300 pounds, satisfied his once-heavyweight appetite on mushroom soup and mixed vegetables.

Perhaps this opportunity may present Tyson with the chance to endorse some kind of kitchen or food product, similar to how George Foreman’s association with his hamburger maker resulted in becoming a popular, must-have kitchen item which resulted in huge profits for the former champ.

Mike Tyson Kosher Frozen Dinners? The Mike Tyson Diet Nutrition Plan? Stay tuned…

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