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Marcos Maidana Wants Floyd Mayweather “To Stand And Fight Like A Man”

Posted on 08/26/2014

Marcos Maidana wants Floyd Mayweather “to stop crying like a little bitch and fight” during their rematch on September 13th. “Don’t be a little bitch, like a woman,” the Argentine slugger added during a vulgar, politically incorrect conference call to promote the match. “I made him fight me,” Maidana said of the first bout.


That was at least true for part of the match. In the second half, however, it was clear Mayweather was able to take control. Maidana and his trainer, Robert Garcia, blame that on the fact that Maidana had a short training camp for the first go round with the widely recognized pound for pound best fighter on earth.

“We’ve had a full training camp this time around,” Garcia claimed during the call. “The first fight, we only had five weeks of training.” The current training camp, Garcia argued, was going extremely well. “The best training camp I’ve had with Chino,” he said.

Referring to the first fight, Maidana was quick to blame himself for any success he’d be willing to admit Mayweather had. “The times when he (Mayweather) decided to box was because I let him I let him get away,” he stated. Both Garcia and Maidana hope to change things for the second match.

“I feel that I just have to make a few adjustments,” Maidana said, “put a little more pressure on (Mayweather).” Maidana then went on to indicate what some of those adjustments might be. “I didn’t do well with my distance control (in the first fight)… I didn’t catch him with a lot of good, solid shots.” Both he and Garcia are looking to fix that problem this time.

“We need to have a little more distance,” Garcia noted, “a little more control in his (Maidana’s) punches.” Garcia also let it be known that he’s working to have Maidana throw straighter shots this time around. The fans, Garcia claimed, are “going to see a different fight this time.”

Indeed they might. For Mayweather, who seemed to have Maidana figured out by the end of the first bout, may well try to avoid his rough and tumble opponent this time around. Maidana, however, declared that he’s ready for that.

“If he’s gonna run like a little bitch I’m going to have to chase him all around and I’m prepared to do that.” But what, a reporter asked, of Mayweather’s highly regarded shoulder roll defense? “I’m gonna hit him in the shoulders,” Maidana responded. “I’m gonna hit him in the arms (until) come the eighth or ninth round he’s going to be so tired from the punches.”

Still, even Maidana admitted that it won’t be easy getting Mayweather out of there. “It’s hard to knock out Floyd because he runs,” Maidana said, before
stating that “it’s better for him to stop crying and just fight (Mayweather complained about Maidana’s rough, sometimes illegal tactics during the first bout).”

Yet neither Maidana nor Garcia claimed they felt a knockout was needed in order to beat Mayweather. “I think that I can win by decision or by knockout,” stated Maidana. “I know what to expect. I know Mayweather now, his style, what he brings to the table.” Garcia agreed with his fighter. “We can also win by decision,” he said. Mayweather, he went on, “can’t do much more different things.”

Time may well tell if Garcia’s statement was true or not. What’s inarguable at the moment, however, is the fact that Maidana is out for blood. “I want him to stand and fight like a man,” he said of Mayweather. “This time around I’m not going to get tired. I’m going to be on him from the opening bell through the entire fight and I think that’s going to force him to fight.”

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