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King Wladimir Looks Unbeatable

Posted on 06/20/2009

Like a magical golfer who can hit hole-in-ones and birdies on every hole, like a superhuman tennis player who can win every point on his first serve and can hit scorching winners off the first return, like Usain Bolt in the 100 and 200m sprint events in Beijing, Wladimir Klitschko appears to be far superior than every boxer on the planet. His hand and foot speed and reflexes are so sharp that no man can barely even touch him now. He just keeps getting better and more dominating with every “fight” …if you can actually call these fights, they look more like one-sided beat downs. It’s astonishing how virtually all of Wladimir’s head punches hit the target, he is so exceptionally accurate to the head there is no need to throw a body shot or an uppercut.

Wladimir Klitschko, the world’s Heavyweight champion in the year 2009 has taken heavyweight dominance to a new, higher level, it would seem. What we saw in Germany on Saturday was another flawless, perfect performance versus a very tough, unbeaten, intelligent, confident and motivated fighter. But despite the brilliance of this latest Klitschko masterpiece, there remains a small quarter of critics in America who refuse to credit Klitschko for his outstanding win vs. Chagaev, as they bemoan that Klitschko didn’t take enough chances or Chagaev is an overrated bum, etc.

But if Floyd Mayweather had the courage to fight Miguel Cotto or Antonio Margarito, and beat then like Klitschko beat Chagaev, Mayweather supporters would be celebrating what a smart boxing demonstration it was. Also, the Haye fans, if Haye dominated Chagaev like Wladimir just did, the Haye fans would be celebrating his smart display of pugilism, as they would say. But because it’s Wladimir, the Klitschko critics just can’t bring themselves to credit this truly great heavyweight champion. For whatever reasons.

But people who know boxing and appreciate a unique greatness when they see it KNOW Klitschko is an all time great, possibly on his way to The Best Ever accolades. This man called Dr. Steelhammer makes ’em all look like bums. He looks downright unbeatable. Seriously, what would Ali do to counteract Klitschko? Ali would just be kept outside and beaten on. Ali did not have the physical strength or punch to deter Klitschko from his style. Klitschko has the hand and foot speed and size and strength advantages, and the intelligence to overpower and dominate Ali. Even a prime Ali would not be able to control the tempo and style of the fight and simply would get beaten down. It’s hard to imagine it any other way.

Klitschko’s style could be impregnable, according to Emanuel Steward, who says, “For the first time I’ve ever had a heavyweight that I could always see weaknesses when I would train a guy to beat if I was ever in the other corner. Wladimir is gonna be the one I don’t think I could train no man to beat the way he is. I’m serious. I’ve never had a fighter – I went from Holyfield and all the guys I’ve worked with, never, Lennox – (Wladimir) is a very, very committed, very difficult to beat fighter. Because he won’t let you fight him. He makes you fight what he wants you to fight. But the biggest thing which I think people are not looking at is his speed for a big man. Tremendous speed.”

Klitschko is like a human matador just dominating everyone and making them look like inept, impotent, clueless, hopelessly outclassed plodding bulls. He just beats the tar out of everyone until they either submit or get knocked out. Klitschko makes one and all, whether it’s Austin, Ibragimov, Rahman, Brock, Chagaev, he makes them all look out of their league. Just completely dominating and keeping everyone at range, using masterful and explosive in or out footwork when necessary, and then just lowering the boom until the beat down is complete. There is no use for body punches, just pinpoint sharp accuracy to the head. No heavyweight has ever done it like this before, no fighter in any weight class. We are seeing possibly the greatest fighting machine there ever was.

It’s awe-inspiring how easy he makes it look to beat the best heavyweight contenders from all over the planet. And while doing it, Klitschko barely gets hit at all. Against Chagaev, I saw one punch hit him, the left on the break. That was all. You have to wish Ali, Frazier, Holyfield, Jerry Quarry could have only been able to fight more like Klitschko.

Wladimir Klitschko looks unbeatable now. He is an ultimate class champion, a credit to the sport, a man who overcame extreme adversity and a low point when most everyone counted him out. He is in his mental, physical and competitive prime now and most certainly on his way to all time greatness.

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