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Iran Barkley Discusses Mosley, Floyd and Pacquiao

Posted on 03/08/2010

Former world champion Iran Barkley knows the sport inside and out and does not shy away from calling it like he sees it. Of course, his opinions on the Pacquiao-Mosley-Mayweather triangle are well worth reading…

BoxingInsider: How do you see Mosley vs. Mayweather?

Iran Barkley: “I like them both but I know Shane Mosley is stronger. Mayweather is slick. But he’s really gonna have to punch for this one.”

BoxingInsider: How do you know Mosley is stronger?

Iran Barkley: “Because Mosley got power and speed. Mayweather got speed and tricks, like fancy tricks. I think Mosley is a little bigger.”

BoxingInsider: There’s a factor involved that Floyd didn’t really want to fight Mosley but he got forced into it by the powers that be who refuse to pay any more for handpicked opponents. Do you think that’s a factor – when I guy really – deep down – doesn’t want the fight?

Iran Barkley: “I don’t know how he got forced into it. If I was Floyd I would’ve taken the fight with Pacquiao. Because I know he can beat Pacquiao. Pacquiao is strong but Mayweather got way more faster speed than him. And he’s got the way to do things. He shouldn’t have to worry about if he’s taking steroids whatever. He shoulda just – Mayweather, you’re a fighter, man, you do what you gotta do. A lot of guys cheat, some guys must be juicin to beat up guys. But long as you know you’re doing it right, God will bring you through.”

BoxingInsider: Why do you think Mayweather didn’t fight Pacquiao – the truth?

Iran Barkley: “I can’t really say, but I’ll say that it’s just a bunch of garbage. This fight game’s money. You got the money. I wish I coulda got $30 million, $25 million when I was fighting. Shit. And I’m still trying to get a good payday.”

BoxingInsider: What makes Pacquiao so successful? What is it about this guy?

Iran Barkley: “Because he just beat everybody. That’s making him popular. There’s no secret about him. He’s a man just like everybody else.”

BoxingInsider: He’s blowing people out. Oscar handpicked him and got beat up.

Iran Barkley: “He beat up a slow De La Hoya.”

BoxingInsider: Yeah, but De La Hoya handpicked him.

Iran Barkley: “He just went in there with a guy and he got overworked.”

BoxingInsider: Is it possible Mayweather could be scared of Pacquiao? Scared of getting beat up?

Iran Barkley: “Scared, I wouldn’t say scared. But something just got him tricky because Pacquiao is beating everybody up.”

BoxingInsider: Mayweather got forced into this fight with Mosley when he really didn’t want to fight him – is there anybody in your career you were forced to fight that you didn’t want to fight?

Iran Barkley: “Yep. I had to – I was forced into the James Toney fight. And the Nigel Benn fight. I wasn’t forced into Toney but Nigel Benn I was forced into.”

BoxingInsider: But you fought him anyway?

Iran Barkley: “And I fought him any old way. AND I got cheated. He hit me when I was down and he was supposed to get disqualified. And he didn’t get disqualified. And Arum and them took this guy’s fate.”

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