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Interview with Miguel Cotto Fitness Coach Phil Landman

Posted on 07/27/2010

Once again, the newly crowned WBA Super Welterweight champion Miguel Cotto was in excellent physical condition for his recent stoppage win against the courageous warrior Yuri Foreman. I spoke with one of the best in the business, Phil Landman about his work with Cotto and much more… How do you feel Miguel performed in this victorious performance at the new weight vs. Foreman and what are your praises and criticisms of this performance?

Phil Landman: Miguel had an amazing camp he prepared well for this fight. He was very motivated and with the addition and influence of Steward he came into the fight as well prepared as ever. I think the new weight was a good challenge for Miguel, he felt really good and is strong at 154 but can still comfortable fight at 147 if he chooses too. Was it at all difficult to focus being in such a grand stage as Yankee Stadium? Do you think being in such a stadium gave extra inspiration and motivation to Miguel’s

Phil Landman: It was no extra pressure for him appearing at Yankee Stadium, obviously very exciting for him and the team to be going there but Miguel handles pressure situations well. He is able to use that pressure positively, in a a way to motivate him and in his performance. Now that the fight is over can you share what the changes Emanuel Steward has crafted onto the style of Miguel Cotto?

Phil Landman: It was great to have Steward a part of the team, to work with him and watch him work was amazing. He made some amazing changes to Miguel’s boxing, aspects of boxing Miguel knows and understands well so the changes had immediate effect. It will be exciting to get back into camp with the team and continue to prepare for the next fight – whoever it is against – as we did for the Foreman fight. Regarding your own career and successful work with Miguel, how do you think your experience and knowledge would benefit a talented but poorly conditioned boxer such as Christobal Arreola who obviously is in desperate need of a fitness counselor like Phil Landman?

Phil Landman: I love what I do, I really enjoy the challenge of applying a program to an athletes fitness aspect and working with that particular athlete in their specific discipline and in areas of their conditioning to improve their overall performance and ability. It is an important part of a boxer’s preparation, the strength and conditioning side, and if applied correctly would hugely benefit an athletes performance if they are not yet doing so. What do you believe is Miguel’s optimum fighting weight?

Phil Landman: Miguel was very comfortable at 154 but can still fight at 147 if he chooses to. Considering Miguel took on and defeated a guy that Pacquiao rejected as an opponent because he said he’s too tall (Foreman), does this give optimism regarding a potential rematch with Pacquiao in 2011?

Phil Landman: At this point Miguel is very motivated and is enjoying himself, the boxing, the training. It has been amazing to have Steward join the camp, he has brought added motivation to Miguel. He has brought new ideas and his style of coaching which has made it interesting for Miguel. He has set goals to work toward in the camps and its great to see the changes in Miguel’s boxing. He feels refreshed mentally and still loves boxing and fighting. Each camp under Steward will only be a progression of the last. Who ever is put in front of him as a future opponent is not going to be a problem, Miguel is always ready for the challenge and he will be mentally and physically prepared for it.

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