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Interview with Adrien Broner’s Trainer Mike Safford “(Broner is) A good hearted kid”

By Franciso Martinez

Long time Adrien Broner trainer, Mike Stafford talks to about the task at hand on June 20th in Las Vegas as they step into the ring against Shawn “Showtime” Porter. As both young pugilistic find themselves in a “must win situation” live on PBC on NBC.

staffordbroner “Where did the catchweight come from?”

Mike Stafford: “Well we figured, you know, I’d be even with the catchweight. Shawn’s 147lbs (Welterweight) Adrien is a 140 (Junior Welterweight) so they meet in the middle” “Do you think that the victory (Kell) Brook had over Porter, you guys will look into that?”

Mike Stafford: “Brook is a European fighter so we can’t look at Brook that much because these are two American fighters. Adrien don’t fight like Brook so you know, what we do is make people adjust to us. Porter has to adjust to us, we don’t have to adjust to him” “How well do both of these fighters know each other?”

Mike Stafford: “Pretty well, pretty well. They’ve been in the ring together. I don’t want to tell what happened but they know each other very well” “How important is it that Broner doesn’t try to use the mental games and focuses on the fight?”

Mike Stafford: “like I say, he’s maturing each fight he’s maturing and you know, he knows you guys are watching him, the media is watching and his fans are watching you know. It’s not just about him anymore. It’s about the media, it’s about the network, it’s about the fans so you know, he’s starting to understand that” “This exposure on NBC does that pressure Broner to give the fans something entertaining or is he going to stick to what he knows he has to do?”

Mike Stafford: “I think he’s going to stick to what he do and you know he sees the fight where he can do what he wants to do but I think he’s going to be cautious. You know, come out and not get hurt. Fighting a guy like Shawn you get headbutt, then cut, there may not be no fight. It will be a no contest. I think Kell Brook got cut early or something so you know, we gotta be cautious” “You said you guys where late do to a flight issue. Broner said it was do to not having a Gucci shirt to wear to the conference. How outspoken is he and why doesn’t he hide his rawness to the public and just displays it?”

Mike Stafford: “Well you know it was too, but the truth, the plain was getting ready to land. The weather in Santa Monica (CA) was scouted so we had to arrive at Burbank (CA) but he also had to get his shirt” “He was fashionably late?”

Mike Stafford: “No, he wasn’t fashionably late. He got his shirt on time but it’s just the plane couldn’t land because of the weather” “Is he always this raw?” (Mike Stafford has trained Adrien Broner his whole career)

Mike Stafford: “He tells the truth and he wants to know the truth. He wants to know everything. He’s a truthful person. A good hearted kid” “How’s this relationship between him and (Marcos) Maidana?”

Mike Stafford: “Very well. I’m glad, that’s a great question because most of the guys he’s fought they always have a great relationship. He got Emmanuel Taylor in camp with him. They just fought what, not even a year ago you know. He’s in camp with him so, he has a great relationship with all his former guys he’s fought”

Photos From Suzanne Teresa/Premier Boxing Champions

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