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HBO Boxing Results: Amir Khan Kos Zab Judah In 5

HBO Boxing: Khan vs. Judah

HBO brings a major Junior Welterweight Title fight to Las Vegas as rising British Superstar Amir Khan takes on established veteran Zab Judah. This is a crossroads fight for both fighters, as Amir Khan hopes a victory will catapult him to bigger bouts and bigger paydays against possible opponents such as Timothy Bradley and Floyd Mayweather Jr., while Zab Judah hopes a victory will make him a superstar again, and a force to be reckoned with in the Junior Welterweight division. Amir Khan comes into this bout as a -500 favorite. IBF Champion Zab Judah makes his way to the ring first with gospel music playing in the background and trainer Pernell Whitaker. WBA Champion Amir Khan comes in second, with trainer Freddie Roach behind him.

Photo: Tom Hogan/ Golden Boy

Amir Khan (25-1) vs. Zab Judah (41-6); Junior Welterweight (140lbs)

Round 1:

Both fighters come out to the center and Khan throws a few jabs in Judah’s direction. Khan establishes position in the center of the ring, and Judah slips to his knee. Khan has the obvious reach advantage and appears to be trying to take advantage of it with his jab. Khan catches Judah with a straight right. Judah is able to duck under a straight right by Khan. Judah throws a few jabs to the body of Judah, and hits Judah with a nice right hook. Khan hits Judah with a solid lead left hook. Khan catches Judah with a nice right hand, and it looks like the fighters may have clashed heads. Khan lands another lead left hook. Strong round for Khan. I scored it 10-9 in his favor.

Round 2:

Second round starts with Judah coming out with some possible swelling around his right eye. Khan’s hand speed is very impressive. Khan staying the aggressor, and attempting to throw combinations. Judah gets in a decent hook while briefly tied up with Khan. Judah is bleeding from both his nose and face now. Khan presses Judah against the ropes and lands a nice combination. A straight right lands for Khan. Another good round for Khan, and I scored it 10-9 in his favor again.

Round 3:

Amir Khan has been looking very good so far. Judah catches Khan with a check right hook as Khan tries to come in. Judah swings wildly but misses. Solid right hand by Khan gets a reaction from the crowd. Khan comes in with a lead straight right. Judah throws a double jab, but Khan evades it and lands a solid hook. Khan lands a solid jab cross combination. Khan displays impressive hand speed again and presses Judah against the ropes. Khan lands a hard left hook. When Khan comes forward with combinations, he reminds me of Pacquiao, probably all those sparring sessions with Pacquiao is starting to pay off. Another very solid round for Khan, I scored it 10-9 for him again.

Round 4:

Khan still throwing combinations and comes forward. Announcers notice that Judah is circling the wrong way. Khan’s jabs have been connecting all night long. Judah needs to start pressing forward more and going for power shots if he hopes to win, because Khan’s combinations and hand speed is too much for him to handle. Khan stuns Judah against the ropes with a straight left, and gets some more oohs and aahs from the crowd. Khan again wins this round, 10-9.

Round 5:

Khan comes out firing in the beginning of round 5. Judah with a jab to the body, and Khan answers with a combination and a straight left snaps Judah’s head back. Judah’s eye appears to be bothered by an apparent headbutt. Judah appears to be trying to time Khan coming in with a power shot. Another left hook catches Judah. Khan now lands a hard right on Judah. Khan’s punches land with regularity, and another combination lands cleanly. Judah lands a hard body shot to Khan. The body shot might have stopped Khan momentarily. A body shot by Khan drops Judah, and the referee counts him out. That might have been a low blow, but Khan was absolutely dominating this fight. Replay shows that punch was on the belt, and a borderline low blow. Khan looked very impressive in this fight.

Amir Khan wins by KO, 2:47 in round 5.

Photos By Tom Hogan/Hoganphotos

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